Miles Morales in THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 4? Andrew Garfield Won’t Be

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Miles Morales Earth 1610 0007 Miles Morales in THE AMAZING SPIDER MAN 4?  Andrew Garfield Wont Be

Nearly a year ago Sony confirmed that director Marc Webb’s recent iteration of Spider-Man will be featured in 4 The Amazing Spider-Man movies, but according to a recent interview with Andrew Garfield, his Peter Parker won’t star in The Amazing Spider-Man 4. I’ve long thought that Marc Webb is adapting, at least in part, the Ultimate Spider-Man universe, and with the current progression of supervillains, this series seems destined for the Ultimate Death of Spider-Man arc, and inevitably the rise of Miles Morales.

Here’s Garfield’s full quote:

I mean I’m under contract for another one after this… as far as a fourth one? That’s not anything to do with me.”

Admittedly, Andrew Garfield could always be seduced by a gigantic paycheck and return for The Amazing Spider-Man 4, but I’m convinced that Miles Morales is headed to the big screen. Sony’s invested a lot of time and money preparing for a proper Spider-Man Cinematic Universe, going as far as contacting Marvel Studios for advice. They wouldn’t reboot this universe, so they’re on the hunt for an organic path to continue the franchise after Andrew Garfield eventually departs… and they can do that with Miles Morales!

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  • Davis Ray Sickmon Jr

    That would be a pretty interesting choice – I’d be interested to see how it all pans out.

  • Christopher M

    I hope they continue the films, but I’m not looking forward to another 40 minute origin story…there’s nothing to say that they’re currently looking at Miles Morales or Ben Reilly to replace Parker..Spider-Man 2099 would be a great way to move forward in the future.. I feel like Sony will just re-up Andrew’s contract or just hire a new actor to play Peter..

    I remember when Donald Glover was campaigning for the role of Spidey and it was seriously being supported, until the crazy racist side of fandom went crazy.. Glover included this in his stand-up which included death threats from crazies..I would have taken Don over Andrew for Parker but Sony/Marvel have created MIles, so that the actor’s background can be more open..

    I wouldn’t mind Garfield finishing off a trilogy but I haven’t really taken him in as Parker yet, and I won’t be upset if they recast him with another actor..

  • derpa

    yes please

  • Daniel Jesse Spade

    Hopefully the 4th movie will be about Miguel O’Hara, Spider-Man 2099. That is a story worth telling. If they just replace the man in the suit, they are not making a new movie. Moreles or Martinez or Mopez or whatever is just a palate swap to please some non-fans, that, and the end result of the work of Brian “Everybody should be Luke Cage” Bendis.

    • Dan mills

      You got it right the first time , it’s Morales. I personally think Bendis did a great job creating a brand-new spiderman, his character is similar to that of Peter’s from the early days, but still his own character. Besides, the “nerdy” and relatable peter hasn’t been around since the nineties, and with all they’ve retconned and altered in the 616 continuity, Miles Morales’ spiderman is the best one out there right now.

  • Hiki

    i think garfield was a ultimate spidey more than original spidey :S

    Still would love The avengers 2 with Mcguire more than Garfield if they include spiderman . Cause for me ”the amazing spiderman was more ”The ultimate Spiderman ”

    More Tobey Mcguire Spiderman and Sam ramini colabs would just feels so great in my opinion :S i mean they did the only spiderman movies that appealed to me but that is just an opinion

    • Caleb Story

      In my opinion, Andrew Garfield is the only spiderman for me In the cinematic universe. I don’t even want to know what the other Peter Parker was supposed to be.

  • Jared Smith

    Miles Morales is said to be a young (18) balck/hispanic boy… I think a new upcoming actor name Donte Grey would be perfect for the role, he fits every description… He’s also in my new favorite show “Orange is the New Black” ^__^ , but Jaden would be good too

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