Matthew Vaughn Drops Out Of X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST

This is completely unexpected, to say the least. News has just broke that Matthew Vaughn (who directed X-Men: First Class) will not return to helm it’s sequel, X-Men: Days of Future Past. However, the person at the top of Fox’s wanted list is none other than Bryan Singer, who has had a guiding hands in every X-Men film to date. It’s not yet known why Vaughn has dropped out, although we have a pretty good idea why. Read on for details…

Singer and Vaughn would essentially be switching roles here; After he directed X2 Singer produced the previous two X-Men films and had a helping hand in the story and script development of both, and if Singer does indeed get the directing gig for Days of Future Past then Vaughn will still be on in a producing capacity. The director will still stay on at Fox though, as it’s rumoured he’ll be directing the film adaptation of Mark Millar’s comic, The Secret Service.

Vaughn briefly dropped out of First Class before changing his mind and coming back, and he was previously set to direct X-Men: The Last Stand, but left the movie just weeks before shooting was set to begin. This is definitely a major loss for the studio and one I am INCREDIBLY annoyed about, and considering Superman Returns was shit and Jack the Giant Slayer looks the same – I can’t say I’d be too thrilled if Singer got the job.

What about you though? Are you as annoyed as me by this? Share your thoughts below.

SOURCE: Deadline

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