Yep, you’ve heard us right. Matt Damon, the dude who swore he’d never make another Bourne movie, is negotiating a return to the franchise. Pretty damn awesome, if you ask me.

According to the scoop, Damon will only return if his buddy Paul Greengrass is allowed to direct. Greengrass is mostly responsible for the success of the original Bourne Trilogy, and his return would indicate an admission of defeat for Universal, who unsuccessfully attempted to relaunch the franchise under the new leadership of director Tony Gilroy (who had previously only written the scripts for the Bourne films).

I can’t help but feel a small tinge of pain for my favorite superher archer, Jeremy Renner. After the success of the Hurt Locker, he hasn’t managed to seize leading roles, and despite Bourne Legacy‘s failure at the box office, I hoped the franchise could be ‘his thing’.

But not all is lost. If Damon does, in fact, return to Bourne, then he’ll be doing so in a team-up movie, featuring both Jason and Aaron Cross.

Two superspies for the price of one!

SOURCE: TwitchFilm

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  • Bradee

    I think the word is out on Damon being in acc. to Universal, but I wouldn’t feel so bad for Jeremy Renner regardless. In the short three-year span since his Hurt Locker success, he has sky-rocketed from small indie rings into the mainstream, has already has scored a second academy award nomination, made 7 films (3 leading roles, with the 4 that have already been released all hitting #1, well surpassing the movie budget, and all wanting him for expanded roles in sequels that may have been planned or not), and is a significant part of why there is a Bourne side-quel sequel in the first place.

    I wouldnt exactly call Legacy a financial failure either; it met universals expectations, which was that it would meet global gross for Bourne Identity (which Legacy actually surpassed). Universal expected some drop off in sales (AKA not expect Ultimadum type gross) as it typically happens when franchises switch protagonists. I think they cited the James Bond movies as an example. Renner is allegedly one of the most successful crossovers in American franchises. It bugs me when people imply (not necessarily here) that they need Damon to come in to help Renner strengthen his turn in the franchise, when he actually exceeded the movie company’s expectations and turned a movie with Gilroy’s somewhat weak hyper-CIA scavenger hunt story line into something of substance (but of course, we all want more).

    I’d personally much rather watch Renner than Damon in the next film too; I’m over the latter both actor and character wise, although I wouldn’t mind seeing Bourne pop up in a smaller role in the future. Aaron Cross has potential and Renner is a fantastic actor, although I do hope they give him more character to work with. Legacy was a good movie, but had very high expectations placed upon it and had a lot of people to please (how could it not have!). This is the trilogy that took years for anyone to come up with a sequel for, so congrats for it being successful enough to keep it going, at least for one more film (good luck with those expectations tho). I agree that Legacy left more questions than answers and that there could be good stuff there if handled right. Im glad they’re keeping Renner too, and Ill be watching regardless as to Damon’s presence or not.

    And I dont think I will weep for the state of Renners career tonight 😉