Massive STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS Spoiler In New Trailer

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We’ve just got our hands on the first trailer for J. J. Abrams’s STAR TREK : INTO DARKNESS and it’s filled to the brim with grit and action, but there’s an even bigger reason to be excited. According to GFR, Benedict Cumberbatch’s role has been revealed. What follows next is potentially SPOILER – rific, so please look away if you want to preserve your Trekkie chastity.

Again, this comes from GFR, and I have no grounds to refute their claims since I’m a bit of a Trek novice (Star Wars fa’ life!), but they’ve deduced that Cumberbatch is none other than Khan. You know? That Rod Stewart look-a-like from the classic 80’s flicks?

Check out the trailer for yourselves.

What do you think? The folks at GFR based their decision on this particular screenshot, which seems to be an homage to Spock’s death in 1982’s Wrath of Khan.

Compare that to the original…


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  • Jedi

    “none other than…” has got to be the most over-used faux anticipation building statement on the internet. Please stop using it, it sucks any kind of credibility out of your reporting and makes you sound like nothing more than a fanboy. Oh, wait….

    • Jedi

      And why didn’t you link to the Japanese version of the trailer that actually has the scene with Kirk and Spock’s hands in it??

    • UnleashTheFanboy

      well you’re just the nicest person on the whole internet.

  • Vader_the_White

    The villain is not Khan. While the official plot synopsis is vague, it does say, “they find an unstoppable force of terror from within their own organization”. This means Starfleet. Khan was never a member of Starfleet.

    • Fats Mclemlich

      That makes a lot of sense. I think Gary Mitchell was the front runner in “fan speculation” in regards to Cumberbatch’s role, but the fellas at GFR were pretty hellbent with this particular assertion. I thought it was interesting, but I could see how they’re wrong

    • Mark Harding

      Khan would also still be in hypersleep on the Botany Bay at this point in the timeline. Remember, all the events prior to Kirk’s birth haven’t changed at all.

      • Old Trekkie

        Except that Chekhov is probably still in high school at this point in the canonical history!

    • Tenaka

      Why do trekkies insist that a fact established in a previous series or film ensures continuity in a new “reboot” of the franchise.

      Bottom line is that if the film makers want khan as a pink horned three legged starfleet officer you’re out of luck.

      • Old Trekkie

        Which is why reboots SUCK!!!!

  • demongo

    Good lord. *facepalm*

    The villain is *not* khan. Cumberbatch is playing the villain Garth of Izar.

    You’re welcome.

    • Chad

      LORD Garth,,,,,

  • bmg314

    Um, is it possible that the villain is a combination of the Khan and Mitchell characters? So, he could come from within starfleet, but also be “wronged” by Kirk and crew and bent on vengeance.

  • rstanley

    also if you look at Spock’s position carefully in that shot, he appears to be crouching/kneeling. That requires quite a bit of balance and from Wrath of Khan, it is obvious Spock had very LIMITED balance. and by looking at the way that the other arm is pressed against the glass in an almost bracing way says that that person is probably the one “dying” or undergoing whatever is happening in that scene.

  • Petros Iliopoulos

    i want to see the Borg again :)

  • Alluvia

    Personally, I think it’s a red herring. J.J Abrams has done it before and, for a film as anticipated as this, he’ll do it again. Plus, both Simon Pegg and Karl Urban have done their part to troll the fandom by dropping supposed ‘hints’.

    I think that the actors and crew involved with this are sat there laughing at us all.

  • Kyle Francis

    NOPE! It’s not Khan. Regardless of the similar shot of the hands touching the glass, that’s no reason to assume that Khan is the villain. It’s been revealed that the characters name is John Harrison which could just be a pseudonym. I personally think Gary Mitchel will be the villain or that John Harrison is an amalgam of Mitchel,Khan and Garth. Also, with Peter Weller being in the film, it very well could be that there are two villains with Weller reprising his role from Enterprise (sigh) as John Frederick Paxton and Benedict Cumberbatch is Colonel Green ( see the TOS episode “THE SAVAGE CURTAIN”). Again, that’s just my speculation, but it’s NOT going to be Khan.