Marvel’s SHIELD TV Series To Film In January?

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It was previously rumoured that the free filming slot between Thor: The Dark World and Captain America: The Winter Soldier would be occupied by Edgar Wright’s long-in-development Ant-Man (which now has a 2015 release date), but if reports are correct then cameras may begin rolling for a Marvel project which is a little sooner than 3 years away. That project is the SHIELD TV series, starring Ming-Na Wen and Clark Gregg, reprising his role as Agent Coulson, who are so far the only confirmed cast.

Variety say that we should be getting more casting news over the next month, so stay tuned to UTF for that. If the rumours are true, then the SHIELD pilot will film in January which means we should be able to see it on the small screen in Fall 2013, around the same time as the Arrow pilot aired. Will you be tuning in to watch SHIELD? Share your thoughts below.

SOURCE: Variety

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