Marvel Producer Talks About When We Should See ANT-MAN, IRON MAN 3 Teaser And Marvel One-Shots

Speaking with German movie site FilmJunkies, Marvel Exec Producer Louis D’Esposito answered various questions about the Blu-Ray/DVD release of The Avengers, and spilled the beans on when Ant-Man will hit the big screen, when we should see the first teaser trailer for Iron Man 3 (which was screened in London the other day) and what we should expect from future Marvel One-Shots, after the commercial release of Item 47.

When asked about the Ant-Man test reel and when we will see the actual film, he said,

“Yes, I think so [in regards to being asked when if we’ll see the reel soon]. Edgar (Wright) is just adding the finishing touches and then we will once again make the final visual effects editing. The process is almost complete. Then we will decide when and how we can make it available to the fans. We are more than happy with it. He’s a great filmmaker and we look forward to.”
“I was there when he made the test reel. I now know how it works and it’s going very methodical and planned. First, he designed the concept, then the storyboard, then he produced an animatic, so he knows exactly what he’ll turn. Every morning we visited him, and he had added new material, which we then looked at together. He is a passionate filmmaker and it that’s contagious. We’ve only looked at it yesterday and every time we see it, then we think, ‘Wow! We can not wait to make this film!’”

“I’m not sure, [on the subject of if Ant-Man will be a part of the Phase 2 slate] so I can not make a definitive statement. Once we know the more accurate schedule, we will make this announcement publicly.”

When can we expect to see the Iron Man 3 teaser?

“I [don’t?] have the exact date…it’s just not ready. But I think it is mid to late October, you can watch a first teaser trailer.”

And finally, he talks about the upcoming Marvel One-Shots and whether any of them will introduce the smaller characters, like Black Panther and Luke Cage.

“We do not know exactly what they will be. Only, I will stage one of the short films and we are looking for a guest-director for the other. We are just in the development process. I currently have about 15 different concepts to be on my desk. And this part is nerve-wracking. We ask ourselves, who will continue the Marvel Cinematic Universe, or which one is suitable, the fans or the moviegoers best. We sit together as a group and try to select and then choose one with which we try. The time for this is from but, I have to decide by next month.

“I love Black Panther, he is one of my favorite characters. But before we have a filmmaker on board, it is difficult to do anything. Because we want to involve them in the processes such as casting or design issues or even other areas for which one hires a director. So if we have a director on board and knew that we would turn Black Panther or Luke Cage and Ms. Marvel or whatever for a figure that is, then we would do maybe. But right now it is logistically a difficult hurdle.”

SOURCE: Film Junkies (Via CBM)
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