Marvel Drunkenly Promises Another Hulk Movie

… or something like that.

During a recent press tour for (you guessed it) Marvel’s The Avengers, Mark Ruffalo was asked yet again about the likelihood of another Hulk flick. His answer? Well, it’s more of a cautious, warmly optimistic ‘Maybe’ than a cold hearted ‘No’, which is pretty damn exciting. Here’s the quote:

Though Marvel Studios has been tight-lipped, some spinoff talks have occurred.

“The producers have sort of asked me about it in some drunken nights in our European press tour, where I would like to see a new movie go,” Ruffalo says.

By now, we’re all pretty much well versed in the tragic tale of the Jade Giant’s cinematic exploits, but in case you’re part of the less informed minority, allow me to briefly fill you in. Ang Lee started the whole cycle off with his poorly received 2003 psychological drama Hulk (a film that I actually, kinda, love) and he was quickly followed by Edward Norton’s own botched attempt with The Incredible Hulk (original title, I know), which was the second step in Marvel’s whole “Dude… you know what’d be cool? We should totally make an Avengers movie” scheme. Since those two flicks failed to churn audiences into the Gamma crazed fans that the studio had hoped, they threw sequel plans right out the window.

Then Mark Ruffalo showed up… and his take on Bruce Banner (and ‘The Other Guy’) is one of the main reasons The Avengers has turned into a box office behemoth. Hopefully that means we’ll see another Hulk film, and fairly soon, but you never know. ┬áMaybe they’ll avoid all solo endeavors and just keep the big green meat head as a team player.

SOURCE: Metromix

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