Mara Jade Makes the Cut for STAR WARS EPISODE 7

mara jade star wars episode 7

Expanded Universe fanboys all over the globe have breathed a collective sigh of relief.

It’s been nearly a year since director J. J. Abrams has announced that STAR WARS EPISODE 7 will feature an entirely new story, not dependent on the very clunky, very bizarre tales of the Expanded Universe. Since that time, a very annoyed, very pimply hoard of vociferou EU diehards have let their ire be known. They love the EU. The many books, comics, and video games that have carried on the original Star Wars Trilogy’s legacy (becauseThe Prequels sure as hell didn’t).

But I’ve gotta be honest for one teeny, tiny moment. I love the EU tales as much as the next guy. Next to the Original Trilogy, they’re some of the of the best Star Wars stories around. But they’re also some of the worst.

Think about it. Most of these tales completely bastardize the original movies, as each writer and/or creative team dares to construct something as majestic as the Tragedy of Darth Vader. But when you have hundreds of tales, all struggling to achieve that same sort of “epicness”, you’re bound to get shit. Not only does every new attempt dilute the original spectacle of Episode IV-VI, but they’re all just sorta… pathetic, really.

How many Clone Emperors, Force-resistent aliens, and Dark Jedi can one universe spawn?

Florence Welch, of Florence and the Machine, may have auditioned
Florence Welch, of Florence and the Machine, may have auditioned

Well, the Expanded Universe did achieve a few high moments, especially with their character creations. Mara Jade, Luke Skywalker’s baby’s momma, is chief among these awesome new additions. And guess what? J. J. Abrams wants to use that badass ginger in STAR WARS EPISODE 7. That’s right. The biggest, most badass lady Jedi in the New Republic is headed to the silver screen.

Sure, sure, take a moment. Let it all seep in. Let in marinade into your geeky bones.

Good to go?

Apparently Mara Jade will first be introduced in Star Wars Rebels (set between Episode III and Episode IV), the new animated television show from LucasFilms. Since Episode 7 is set 30 years after the Battle of Yavin, Mara Jade could easily be 60 years old by the time we see her in cinemas, so it’s best to illuminate her shady past as an assassin.

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  • ron fett

    Sounds like a major rumour to me. “Wants to use her” and “actually going to use her” are two different things. I doubt she will show up.

  • Steve

    I’m ok with it. She can still be an Emperor’s Hand and all of the history there, but they don’t have to wait 19 years ABY to get married. That’s foolish. And they can have more than one child. They can re-write the EU without eliminating it entirely.

  • Hulon Pate Jr

    I think they are going to just run with the EU stories already written. Why come up with new stories when you already have so many arcs already in place that just scream out to be put up on the big screen.

    • guest9

      because they mostly stink, especially all of the Dark Horse stuff from early on that basically just tried to revive everyone who had been killed in ROTJ and sort of made a mockery of the importance of the events of 4-6 and because Lucas already wrote outlines for 7-9 (remember when Disney bought LF they made sure to mention that it includes Lucas’ outlines for the stories for 7-9). Also recall that Lucas had always said that none of the EU post-ROTJ was to ever be remotely considered canon (although I believe he tried to make sure that the pre-ROTJ EU stuff could be largely considered canon, if not quite set in stone either).

      • guest9

        That said, Mara Jade was one of the cool things that did come up in the post ROTJ EU. Also I believe she appeared in a few pre-ROTJ EU odds and ends which were considered to be canon or close to it.

  • Hulon Pate Jr

    I think we all know it will be more or less about Jacen. We just dont know how far they are going to go back. But perhaps the back stories will also be told as well.

  • Mike S

    Load of rubbish. Mara Jade would be the same age as Luke, not a twenty year old girl. I don’t believe it for a second.

  • Hulon Pate Jr

    Lucas was the one who made major character choices in the EU stories. I think many of them are really good. The Solo Brothers. the Twins, Death of Chewie, Thrawn, Bug War…..