Man of Steel Trailer Description; Will Be Attached to The Dark Knight Rises

Cosmic Book News has gotten hold of what appears to be a somewhat detailed description of the Man of Steel trailer, to premiere before The Dark Knight Rises this July.

They are throwing together lots of stuff, and they are starting to put together a teaser for the Man of Steel that will be attached to The Dark Knight Rises and number of other “significant” films before the first full trailer is released shortly before the new year.

The teaser trailer will focus on the Clark Kent character much more than Superman.

There will be a fair amount of interaction between Clark and his parents, Jonathan (Kevin Costner) and Martha Kent (Diane Lane).

There will be a voice over for the teaser trailer showing shots of Clark in Alaska and his arrival in Metropolis.

There will be a few shots of Lois Lane (Amy Adams), Superman, and the teaser ending will show General Zod (Michael Shannon) giving a warning to Superman.


Definitely sounds legit, considering there doesn’t seem to be many shots that require much post-production special effects and such. These films tend to throw out a teaser full of dialogue first while the film is still far from complete. If true, maybe DC is gearing up to make a stand against the Marvel Movie Machine. For more on how they might stand a chance in the fight, check out my editorial from last week.What do you think? If true, it sounds like a damn fine teaser.