Lou Ferrigno Says THE INCREDIBLE HULK 2 Is On The Way

Unlike his Avengers teammates Iron Man, Thor and Captain America, Hulk never got a sequel to his first film. His only solo outing was 2008’s The Incredible Hulk, and while the film earned decent reviews, it wasn’t perform well enough to warrant a sequel. It’s a shame considering the great supporting cast he had, as well as the foreshadowing of Samuel Sterns becoming The Leader

Well, if Hulk voice actor Lou Ferrigno is to be believed, Marvel may have restarted their Hulk sequel plans. During an interview at a radio station in Minnesota, the ’70s Hulk actor stated that is planning another solo film for the Green Goliath. Talking about how Mark Ruffalo’s Bruce Banner “was the star of the movie,” he stated, “Now because he saved the day they’re making another solo Hulk movie after the second Avengers comes out.”

hulk age of ultron

When Mark Ruffalo took over the Bruce Banner role, he signed a six-picture deal with Marvel. The Avengers was the first movie, and he’ll reprise the role in Avengers: Age of Ultron (it’s unlikely his cameo in Iron Man 3 counted towards the total). That’s four movies left, so it’s conceivable that Ruffalo will eventually get the chance to lead his own film.


However, Marvel has given no indication that Hulk is in their Phase 3 plans outside of Avengers movies. Ant-Man and Captain America 3 have been officially announced, and Thor 3 and Doctor Strange are all but assured. Counting Avengers 3, that leaves at most two spots open for Phase 3. If Marvel’s true to their word and debuts another new superhero in their own movie, only one spot remains.

Not to delegitimize Ferrigno’s claims, but I’ll wait for Kevin Feige or someone else from Marvel to say something about Hulk before I get my hopes up. Remember, after the lukewarm response The Incredible Hulk got, The Avengers was Hulk’s second chance at impressing audiences. He succeeded, and even that didn’t convince Marvel he was ready for another solo film. If The Incredible Hulk 2 is indeed in the works, Marvel likely won’t move it forward until after Avengers: Age of Ultron. If he can shine once again, Marvel may realize that people want to see Hulk kicking ass by himself rather than just in ensembles.

hulk avengers age of ultron

Now, if Hulk does get a sequel, the question is what it will be about. Will Liv Tyler and William Hurt return? What villain will he face? With Tim Blake Nelson joining The Fantastic Four, it’s doubtful the Leader tease will be followed up on. Absorbing Man and Tyrannus are good villains to bring in. Or maybe there’s more to that Planet Hulk movie rumor. Either way, a lot of fans would be excited to see that gamma powered beast off on his own adventures again.


SOURCE: Latino Review