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LOU FERRIGNO Says He Was the Best HULK

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 LOU FERRIGNO Says He Was the Best HULK

Lou, Lou, Lou… I completely understand your need to remain socially relevant, but firing wild shots at some of fandom’s most cherished actors is a bit much. Sure, I agree that your version of The Hulk is an iconic rendition, and should be remembered with as much reverence as pale ale guzzling fanboys can muster, BUT… better than Ruffalo? That’s a bit conceited.

Here’s Lou Ferrigno’s full statement:

I was the first to bring superhero muscles to the screen and to make it more believable. There’s still people who prefer to watch the old show over the newer things because it’s real, not CGI [...] The Hulk was the beginning of me, a platform as an actor to grow. I don’t think anybody else can play the Hulk like I could. I was able to show emotions even with all of the makeup. I don’t think it can be duplicated.”

hulk smile avengers banner LOU FERRIGNO Says He Was the Best HULK

Come on!!! Are you sincerely arguing that your ability to emote is greater than Mark Ruffalo’s, whose motion captured acting served as the basis of The Avengers‘s Hulk? It’s difficult to empathize with massive celebrities like Ferrigno, especially since their lives are so intwined in their own celebrity cult, but this bout of arrogance leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

Here I thought he was Doug Heffernan’s cool neighbor in King of Queens, not some petty self-aggrandizing doucher.

 LOU FERRIGNO Says He Was the Best HULK


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  • Eric Weik

    I do not think that is what Lou was getting at (I could be wrong and I am most of the time). I think it a more person vs computer think he was getting at, I do like the new Hulk better.

  • Skylar Van Oosterhout

    Lou is the best Hulk ever because he is the only one to truly play the Hulk. As awesome as Ruffalo was (I know he did motion capture), it was still a CGI Hulk.
    Plus he benefited from Whedon writing the character…

  • Zorrito Plateado

    Ruffalo is awesome because the CGI nuff said. Nobody will give the hulk that movements (possible for a human body in real) in any other way than Ferrigno. Probably the new hulk looks more “real” but guys, everything can be done with a green screen now. In a technical point of view. Ferrigno is totally right.

  • SomeGuy

    Fun fact. If you think the hulk in avengers is better, yea, you know it’s CGI based on ruffalos look. But it was voiced by Lou. So any way you look at it, Lou was the better hulk. :)

  • JustME

    Really??? Let me ask this, how come Sean Connery or Roger Moore or Timothy Dalton don’t get cameos in every new Bond movie? Christopher Reeves didn’t have to listen to George Reeve (due to his death of course) talk about how he was the defining Superman cause he was the first. Will we have to listen to Hugh Jackman talk about how only his Wolverine was the best realized take on the character when a new actor comes in? I know Adam West talked about how his Batman outfit was “all him” referring to the sculpted muscles on the newer iterations, but he generally doesn’t say his is the only Batman worth visiting because he did it largely without special effects. I’m with the author on this. Thanks for the show Lou. You were great. But it’s time to move on. Oh, and how come you never give shouts out to Bill Bixby as Banner? His Dr Jekyll to your Mr Hide. And FYI, Dr Jekyll is always the more interesting character if not the most fun to watch.

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