Listen To Some Of The Soundtrack For The Dark Knight Rises

Ladies and gentlemen, this is one of those things that we really want to hear but we never make a fuss about it. 30 seconds of each track on the soundtrack for The Dark Knight Rises has been released online, and even though 30 seconds is not much it gives you a good idea of what the score will be like. Gotham’s Reckoning and Mind If I Cut In are obviously for Bane and Catwoman respectively, and they’re both freaking fantastic. Granted, they all have similar tones to one another but they’re so good that I’m able to forgive Hans. Listen to ’em below:

What do you think? Gotham’s Reckoning, Mind if I Cut in, The Fire Rises, Born in Darkness, Why Do We Fall, Imagine the Fire Despair and Rise are my personal favourites, but what’s yours? Sound off below!

SOURCE: Batman-News

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