Leonardo DiCaprio Could Have Played The Riddler In The Dark Knight Rises

Well this is a bit strange, isn’t it? Screenwriter David Goyer revealed in the latest issue of Empire that during the premiere of The Dark Knight, Warner Bros execs commented on how they wanted Leonardo DiCaprio to play The Riddler as the main villain in The Dark Knight Rises. I really can’t see that happening, as despite DiCaprio having great acting ability, he’s nothing like Riddler. Still, it would have been funny to see the majority of the cast and crew from Inception (Michael Caine, Tom Hardy, Marion Cotillard, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Leonardo DiCaprio, Christopher Nolan, Wally Pfister) back for Nolan’s last Batman installment!

“Obviously it’s gonna be The Riddler, and we want it to be Leonardo DiCaprio,” Goyer remembers them saying.

As I previously stated, I can’t see DiCaprio as the Riddler but would you have liked to see Batman push his brains to the limit to face the king of questions and puzzles? Sound off below.

SOURCE: Empire (via /Film)

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