LEGO Toys Spoil IRON MAN 3

In recent years LEGO’s developed a bad habit of spoiling films with advertisements for “play sets” based on actual movie scenes.

Not that I’m complaining.

For we curious fanboys, these little sneak peaks into the future are well received.  After all, our most valued detective work usually involves these innocent pieces of merchandise.  Just last year, we first determined The Avengers baddie army, The Chitauri, after a brief glimpse at the New York Battle set.

Well, we’ve got our hands on the newest pics from LEGO’s IRON MAN 3 tie-ins, so give them a look below.

These sets aren’t always 100% faithful to the film, but for the most part, they provide some great insight. At least the first scenario is accurate to the Malibu assault scene we’ve scene in the past 2 trailers, which indicates that the others could be equally revealing.

Although, I hope the film’s climatic finale doesn’t pit Tony Stark against a bumper car bound Mandarin, as we see in the second set. It’ll be even worse if the background photo is a true representation of the movie scene’s setting. Director Shane Black has an unreasonable (and possibly deranged) obsession with abandoned shipyards… I’ll use Lethal Weapon 4 as my one and only reference.

By the way, did you notice that Aldrich Killian (the Extremis peddler portrayed by Guy Pearce) has a really creepy green-skin thing going on? Unless he’s been dosed by Gamma Radiation, I think it’s safe to say he’s been innoculated.


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  • Jack Fireball Dutt

    Is that Pepper in the Extremis armor in the first set? WTF?

  • DreFactor

    The Hobbit lego that is out, is showing scenes from the second movie.
    Spoiler alert. Dont look at Lego based on movies