Leaked Pic of Silver Samurai from THE WOLVERINE

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In a fight to the death, what wins… a kinetically powered, million fold katana or a pair of uber sharp, unbreakable claws?

That’s the question we few fanboys will ponder as we anxiously await the release of THE WOLVERINE. A film which will pit our favorite mutie against Japan’s greatest warrior, The Silver Samurai (played by Will Yun Lee).

If you’re not familiar with SS, then let me break a yolky geek egg of knowledge on ya.  Silver Samurai’s non-villain name is Kenuichio Harada. He’s a Japanese ganglord and all around badass, possessing the mutant power to charge any item with energy. Apparently Gambit’s daddy was a veteran of the Pacific Theatre. Who knew?

Anyway, when Wolverine travels to Japan, the two inevitably clash in an epic slicing and dicing battle, which is followed by some pretty devastating consequences.  We’ve managed to get our hands on the first leaked peak of the Samurai in full armor from the set, so make sure you give it a looksy below:

Now, the past few years haven’t been too kind to the mutton chopped hero. You know… because of X-Men 3 and that awful Origins flick. Even though Hugh Jackman delivered some great performances, as he’s known to do, those films have soured a majority of Wolvie enthusiasts.


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  • James P

    Hmmmm….could be good. Looks similar to the comic style, which is the way they should go.

    • Fats Mclemlich

      I agree. I’m happy to see that it’s plain, similar to the comic, and seemingly faithful to realism.

  • Cody Taylor

    I loved X3 and Origins.

    • Matthew Hagerty

      Ditto! I also loved First Class

      • Al Briggs

        You two must not have actually read the comics then…

  • Eon Setroc

    First Class in my Opinion is the Only good X-Men film ever made….I would be happy i they would just undo the tragedy of all the other X-Men films including the Origins which was HORRIBLE and looked like a B movie. They disregarded so many characters and excuse my french but they were on Wolverines balls on every movie…who made him the main character? in all reality every X-Men character has their role on the comic and cartoon series so everyone gets a moment to shine and has their own problems and demons to battle. In the Movies was like…”ok, nobody matters but wolverine…ok! lets do this!” X Men first Class had GREAT performances, I mean Kevin Bacon played a great roll so did Magneto was amazing and Professor X. Maybe that movie didnt quite follow the story per say but it did a great job as far as the movie feeling original and it did not feel like a super hero movie either, it did not feel cartoony it felt like a legit film but with super heroes in it. In my opinion very good job.