Kevin Fiege Talks A Possible Civil War Movie

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In another teaser of his interview with Bleeding Cool, Marvel Studios head honcho Kevin Fiege spoke about hinting towards and a possible adaptation of the amazing comic arc Civil War and ‘Phase II’ of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Read his comments below:

You can obviously see that in the decades and decades of Avengers comics prior to the Civil War event, the conflict between the characters, the differences in world views of all the characters, that led up to what happened in Civil War, certainly that’s in this movie, you can see how different Tony Stark and Steve Rogers are in a great way. In this movie the question is are they going to be able to stop fighting each other long enough to fight the bad guy

Civil War would someday be a great crossover eve but here it’s more in the character interactions than a direct easter egg.

SOURCE: Bleeding Cool

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