Kapow! Comic-Con 2012 News Round-Up

Today, I had the honour of attending Kapow! Comic-Con, and I can tell you it was absolutely fantastic. I won’t divulge into details, but rather give a news round-up. Unfortunately, nothing too interesting was revealed but there was some cool tidbits I picked up at various panels.

  • Rocksteady denied that they were working on a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game, and avoided any questions about a third Arkham game.
  • Noel Clarke refused to answer any questions about Star Trek II, only that he has already shot the movie.
  • Kick-Ass II begins principal photography in September.
  • Supercrooks will shoot next year.
  • Gareth Edwards says that production on Godzilla is going really well, and said that just because this was a huge monster movie doesn’t mean it can’t be a personal story. He also said that he hopes there’ll be some real news coming our way soon.
  • Chloe Moretz will return as Hit-Girl in Kick-Ass II, and she has already read the script.
  • Star Wars producer Rick McAllum said that the live-action SW TV show is still in pre-production.


And that’s all for today folks! Stay tuned to UTF tomorrow for descriptions of the footage showing for The Amazing Spider-Man and Total Recall tomorrow. Did you attend Kapow! today?

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  • Daniel

    …..That’s it? That’s all he had on Godzilla? We’re still at square one.

  • Em Press

    Actually, he didn’t say that Chloe Moretz was signed on for Kick-Ass 2. He said she was in talks about it, had seen the script and they’d had breakfast a couple of weeks ago. But he deliberately said that she was not yet confirmed.