JUSTICE LEAGUE Antagonist Revealed?

Latino Review is famous for their many scoops, and this could maybe be their biggest yet. Obviously it’s no confirmation, but a pretty ‘powerful’ rumor for sure. With the JUSTICE LEAGUE movie on course (so far) for 2015 to battle against the AVENGERS sequel, what villain would be powerful enough to require such a team? Well with Thanos in the other film, who would Warner Bros. use? This guy of course…


Darkseid. He’s a rather interesting choice. On one hand, he’s an obvious pick, but on the other hand, if this turns out to be true, he will be compared to Thanos instantly. (And the ironic part is that the average movie-goer whom hasn’t read a comic won’t know that Darkseid predates Thanos by three years!)  As you probably know, Thanos is a Marvel villain, and he’ll be the main baddie in 2015’s THE AVENGERS 2.  With that film’s release date set 3 month before Justice League‘s, I think audiences may immediately declare Superman and crew as second tier ripoff artists.

So what do you guys think? If this turns out to be true, are you happy or disappointed they went with him right away?

SOURCE: Latino Review