Josh Trank Talks His Vision For Fantastic Four

Yesterday we found out that Chronicle director Josh Trank was in talks with Sony to direct a Venom movie. No details are currently known. In an interview conducted between him and Empire before that news hit, Trank was asked about how he would make a Fantastic Four movie if he was offered it, which he is currently(?) linked to. Read his answers below:

“What’s cool about Fantastic Four, which is an amazing property, is that these are people who started out as human beings, for the most part. Coming to terms with with humanity is the biggest challenge, not the villains they face.”

“The best opportunity in my life was to make Chronicle. The next biggest opportunity I can possibly see is to make a really great movie based on characters that I grew up obsessing over and falling in love with, but I can’t say one way or another what will happen.”

To hell with Venom, I gotta see this bad boy! I enjoyed the hell out of Chronicle and would freaking love if Trank directed a FF movie, because it would (obviously) wipe away those memories of those, *shudders* OTHER movies. Unfortunately, if Trank does indeed end up directing Venom, it’s highly unlikely that we’ll see his FF movie.