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Joseph Gordon-Levitt Won’t Cameo in MAN OF STEEL

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  Joseph Gordon Levitt Wont Cameo in MAN OF STEEL

We’ve got our hands on a supposed leaked review of Zack Snyder’s MAN OF STEEL, and according to this unnamed industry insider, the most anticipated cameo of the DC Cinematic Universe is a bust. Man of Steel Poster 472x700  Joseph Gordon Levitt Wont Cameo in MAN OF STEELJoseph Gordon-Levitt, much to the chagrin of Nolanites, doesn’t pop up in the current version of the flick. Now, as always, take all of this with a giant slab of salt. Our source isn’t exactly Walter Cronkite, and even though a few other geek sites have decided to run the story, we’d like you to hold your doubts.

Here’s what the review said:

There is no JGL in this movie. The most relief I’ve experienced when watching a movie. Why? Because fuck John Blake. He’s a shit character. Those rumours had me very wary.

As much as I want Nolan to mash The Dark Knight Saga and these new Superman flicks into the same universe, I’m not sure I want JGL to lead the charge. Sure, he made a passable Robin, but no one wants to see The Boy Wonder team up with The Last Son of Krypton. We want Bruce Wayne, the nameless tights garbed terror in the night, tossing out wicked awesome batarangs at random thugs, kicking misguided gang banging youths in the jaw.

And let’s not forget, there’s always time to toss in a post-credit scene. After all, Joss Wheodon did as much for THE AVENGERS, filming the Shawarma sequence the very night of the film’s Hollywood premiere.


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