Joseph Gordon-Levitt Will Be Batman In JUSTICE LEAGUE Movie

I’m really tempted to dismiss this as another pointless, Batman themed rumor, but given the source (HitFix‘s Drew McWeeny), I think we should all pay attention.

According to Mr. Penis… I mean McWeeny (sorry, Freudian slip), Warner Bros. executives are confident that the weird kid who starred in 3rd Rock From The Sun will be their go-to-guy, saying he’ll…

“absolutely will be appearing in Justice League as the new Batman.”

It doesn’t get much clearer than that, does it?

But let’s take a look at the more “fanboy” centric implications of this news. For better or worse, this will be a continuation of Robin’s story from The Dark Knight Rises, which will forever link Nolan’s trilogy with the new Justice League. On a side note, if you’ve been a part the past 10 years of speculation, then you’ll recall that Daddy Nolan adamantly rejected the notion that other superheroes could exist in his Dark Knight universe. Then again, the director also refused to include Robin the Boy Wonder in his films… and we can all see how faithful he was to that oath.

Now, as much as I love poking fun at one of the greatest directors of all time, I think it’s safe to say Nolan is the king of comic book movies (please to kill me Whedonites!), and I’m SO GOD DAMN happy that the WB will use his films as a precursor to the JUSTICE LEAGUE. I know they taunted us with possibilities of a “reboot”, starting the whole series over again, but they’ve finally seen the light of day… and it is glorious.

My only regret is that Christian Bale won’t be beneath the cowl, but Joseph Gordon-Levitt is a proper substitute.

What do you think? I know one guys who’s pretty stoked…


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  • Angus

    Pretty stupid choice, hope its not true. i would prefer a new Bruce Wayne versus a continuation of TDKR, but I guess hoping Hollywood will have imagination is wishful thinking.They’d rather rehash the same shit over and over.

    • Ciaran James

      Hardly feel that making Batman a legacy character instead of rebooting him with a new actor as a young Bruce Wayne every so many years as well as crossing him over with other superheros is exactly ‘rehashing the same shit’

  • Ryan

    If this is true, then it’s a stupid idea. Would love to see Levitt involved in a justice league movie, but continuing the story from the dark knight trilogy is just dumb. How the hell could a superhero like Superman live in the same universe which was grounded so much in reality.

  • Luis

    That GIF is hilarious