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Joseph Gordon-Levitt is On For DOCTOR STRANGE

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 Joseph Gordon Levitt is On For DOCTOR STRANGE

Docta’ Docta, give me the news, I got a bad case of JOSEPH GORDON-LEVITT.

Wow, that’s not nearly as catchy as I thought it’d be. The whole rhyme structure was a bit off, and the melody didn’t really flow together, but at least it gets the point across… JGL could be headed to Marvel Studios as Stephen Strange, M.D.

That’s Doctor Strange, if ya catch my drift. According to the ever reliable scoopsters at Latino Review (who aren’t as much reliable, as they are shit disturbers) Marvel’s narrowed their focus on the former The Dark Knight Rises star because… well, we’re not exactly sure. LR didn’t discuss the issue much in their exclusive statement, instead favoring the “OMG! Look what we have! We’re gonna get so much traffic!” tactic that they’ve been known to covet.

 Joseph Gordon Levitt is On For DOCTOR STRANGE

Now, I’ve recently written a brilliant article explaining the many merits of Jeff Goldblum and why he’s THE perfect actor for Doctor Strange. I know that sounds peculiar, but let it marinate for a minute. Yeah, that’s right, let the Goldblum juices flow through your every capillerie. It… err… feels amazing.

Alright, that may have been a bit weird, but I still think Goldblum would be awesome as Doctor Strange, certainly better than Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who I’ve never found to be a convincing onscreen presence.  Especially his “I knew you were Batman based on our orphan mind link.”


 Joseph Gordon Levitt is On For DOCTOR STRANGE


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  • Bill

    I could go for Goldblum.

  • JonnyQball79

    Yep, Huff post already said it is not true at all.

  • Matt

    Goldblum is already in his 60′s, how is that going to work for all the Doctor Strange movies Marvel will want to pump out?

  • Longshotist

    Goldblum would be perfect. JGL…not so much.

  • Ary

    Just one name: Viggo Mortensen

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