MARVEL Co-President Doesn’t Deny JARVIS ULTRON Scoop!

Remember how our friend at Marvel told us Ultron would be a form of JARVIS, Tony Stark’s sassy virtual butler? Well, the good folks at IGN sat down with Marvel Co-President Louis D’Esposito and courageously inquired about the onscreen origins of The Avengers: Age of Ultron ‘s villain.

IGN: There is the theory that JARVIS is connected [to Ultron]

D’Esposito: “Obviously, we’re big in connectivity… you can see it in all our films …”It’s one big Marvel cinematic universe and there will be some connectivity.”

Well, well, well, well… well, well well..

That’s 7 ‘wells’, if you’re counting. This certainly sounds like a coi admission that Ultron is in fact related to our lovable British butler JARVIS, a fact that’s supported by our Marvel scoop’s claim. Although, I’m fearful that Joss Whedon and his assembly of co-writers will streamline the narrative a bit too much, and Ultron’s unique tale will be diluted by his dependence on Tony Stark’s narrative.

Only time will tell.

On a separate note, I wish the folks at IGN pressured D’Esposito into revealing whether or not Paul Bettany will return for a live action role. We’ve heard that the thespian, who’s only provided voiceover work for JARVIS in the past, is currently negotiating a contract to return for Avengers: Age of Ultron. With James Spader firmly cast as the┬ámaniacal┬árobot, could Bettany portray the compassionate android The Vision?


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