James McAvoy Wants to Bring THUNDERCATS To The Big Screen

James McAvoy, you glorious Scotsman, this Thundercats movie better happen.

Usually when we report on actors’ most desired roles, they revolve around a particular Marvel or DC hero. Understandably so, as those are the two cash cows in the industry with guaranteed longevity (those two companies love to their multi-film contracts). Well, since James McAvoy is already locked into a Marvel role as the younger Professor X, he can’t really muddle his affairs with another headline hero.

BUT… he’d sure love to bring a Thundercats to the big screen, as he’s said in this recent interview. I’ve transcribed the clearer bits below (McAvoy may or may not be a massive rambler, no offense to the Big Mac), but I’ve embed the whole interview beneath that, so give it a listen/watch for the full McAvoy effect.


The other cartoon I loved was Thundercats. It’s not really superhero-ish. They’re on a different planet, in a different time possibly, in a different dimension maybe. There’s a great trailer online, a fan made. They brilliantly take Brad Pitt and turn him into Lion-O, and make Vin Diesel Panthro. And who’s Cheetara? I think it’s the girl from Farscape. And Hugh Jackman is Tygra. And he looks amazing as Tygra. I would love to see that bit (which clearly won’t happen) but I’d really love to see a Thundercats movie.

Lion-O is a great character for any actor. It’s a little bit of a cartoon, but you could really go for a 12 year old in the body of a man, who’s a ripped¬†muscly¬†fighting man who’s the king of a people, but who has the intellect of a 12 year old. That’s basically the movie vice versa but with superpowers and the Sword of Omens. That could be an Oscar as well as Box Office bait.


Can you imagine a Thundercats flick comprised of young actors? Of course, James McAvoy would have to recruit his onscreen buddy Michael Fassbender for Tygra. Perhaps Jennifer Lawrence as Cheetara? Ellen Page as Pumyra?

Although, I think they’d have to rely on motion capture for most of the film. Man-cats haven’t been too popular outside of Broadway, which is a damn shame, because nothing’s quite as badass as a humanoid lion swinging his fisticuffs around.


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