James Mangold And Hugh Jackman Have Discussed WOLVERINE 3


According to the trades director James Mangold is in talks to return as director for The Wolverine 3. A new element of his possible deal includes Mangold writing the film’s treatment. Which is currently underway and James has already spoken to actor and producer Hugh Jackman about ideas for the sequel. The X-Men actor tells EW he’s spoken to James about the third film but won’t reveal what they talked about. Pointing to the fact they’re only at the idea stage of the process. There hasn’t been official word that Hugh as even signed-on to it.

“I was on the phone with Jim Mangold last night. There are some really cool ideas that I’m dying to tell you, but that would be giving away a secret that is not even [fully] formed yet.”

An interesting prospect, since I didn’t think Fox would give Mangold the freedom to take a shot at an outline. Fox isn’t known for giving their directors the kind of creative freedom we’re seeing from this new project. That of course, excludes Bryan Singer who has been trying to bring the franchise back to it’s former glory with X-Men Days of Future Past. I really dug The Wolverine, placing it just behind X2 as one of my favorite X-Men films. That said, the film had it’s problems. A terrible third act that almost ruined all the goodwill earned from the first two. Hopefully, Mangold and the screenwriters can give us a somewhat grounded sequel. If Fox give fans another solid adventure they will want to support more Wolverine films in the future. Jackman is usually fairly open to press when it comes to future films. During the press rounds for X-Men Origins he did reveal plans giving fans a film focusing on Logan’s Japanese saga. Along with confirming his involvement in Days of Future Past. I’m sure when he has something concrete concerning the third film he’ll let it slip.



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