It Looks Like Marvel Studios has Big Plans for Hulk in PHASE THREE


This news comes from Latino Review, obvious spoilers ahead.

Phase Two of the Marvel Cinematic Universe hasn’t even started, yet some pretty big news from the site has popped up. Apparently the ending of the Avengers sequel will have the Hulk lost in space, which would set up a story we all know as Planet Hulk. That storyline was from 2006, which led into the big WORLD WAR HULK event, where the Green Giant came back to Earth to exact revenge on the Marvel Heroes for sending him out to space. But which Marvel Heroes am I referring to? A group called the Illuminati. Why does it matter? Because apparently they too are part of Phase Three.

The Illuminati is a Marvel group of very smart people, featuring Professor X, Reed Richards, Doctor Strange, Black Bolt, Namor, and Iron Man. Obviously we won’t be seeing Xavier, so the group will likely differ from the comics. But one thing remains certain, they will send the Hulk into space, which, after Planet Hulk, would lead into a World War Hulk adaption for Avengers 3.

Of course, I find it tough to believe that in Avengers 2 Hulk will be sent away to space. He was firmly established as a likable character people enjoyed in THE AVENGERS, so the whole Planet Hulk and World War hulk storyline seems kind of sudden. On the other hand, the fact that we’re getting a Doctor Strange movie could very well point toward the possibility of seeing the Illuminati. Either way, it’ll be an interesting next two years. The MCU looks to only get bigger.

Source: Latino Review

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