Is GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Ripping Off STAR WARS? Director James Gunn Settles It!

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drax the destroyer guardians of the galaxy banner slice Is GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Ripping Off STAR WARS?  Director James Gunn Settles It!

Ever since Marvel announced its space faring epic GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY, fanboys all over the world have gathered in their secret cabals, questioning Disney’s motives in this gigantic superhero/sci-fi romp. The grandest theory was that Disney and Kevin Feige (the head honcho at Marvel) decided on GOTG because they wanted to claim the long since abandoned throne of “Swashbuckling Sci-Fi King” which was largely left bereft for the past two decades. BUT… now that Disney’s already purchased the rights to Lucasfilm and the Jedi tales within, can the Guardians create their own unique identity without relying on the tropes established by that lightsaber-tossing franchise (especially since 6 Star Wars films will be released between 2015 and 2021)?

In the face of this speculation (which was recently spurred by some very Cantina – esque concept art), Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn has decided to confront the issue. Head on!

I do think we’re very, very different from Star Wars. Some of the concept art that came out is under my tutelage, and some of it is before my tutelage. The concept art that came out is only stuff that was on the big Marvel collected disc set, talking about phase two and it had some stuff from Guardians. Some of the art by Charlie Wen and the guys.

The Rocket that was by itself was an early version of my Rocket that I dealt with Charlie when developing. He doesn’t look so much like that anymore, but there’s a lot of similarities in that he’s more of a grounded, real little creature as opposed to a cartoonish thing.

guardians of the galaxy concept art 21 Is GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Ripping Off STAR WARS?  Director James Gunn Settles It!

Marvel was more than happy to embrace the fan-made comparisons to Star Wars before Disney acquired Lucasfilm, and I don’t see any reason why James Gunn and crew should suddenly retreat from it.  So say it loud and proud…

Guardians of the Galaxy is, in some ways, inspired by Star Wars.

Whoopty fucking do! Just make a decent flick and downplay the ridiculousness of Rocket Raccoon, and peace will reign in fandom.


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  • ComicFanatic

    Rocket Raccoon will be embraced like Yoda is. Just you watch…

  • Andrew Mariano Guevarra

    Saying that GotG is a Star Wars ripoff is a dumbass statement and it shows that you have no concept of who the GotG are. Did you read the DnA run? They were at bars in quite a few issues, so don’t make stupid assumptions about GotG.

    • Fats Mclemlich

      but it was by their own admission that they wanted to imitate certain major aspects of Star Wars, so I’m wondering now, what will they do to differentiate themselves from the new trilogy. OR… will they go ahead with their previous plan

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