We’ve got our rotten little mitts on a higher quality image of The Green Goblin from Marc Webb’s The Amazing Spider-Man 2, and despite all of the naysayers’ guffaws, I think it’s pretty badass. The character design is bold, in a 1980’s David Bowie fantasy flick sorta way.

Check it out below:

green goblin amazing spider-man 2

If I’ve one complaint about superhero flicks, and I have many, it’s that their heroes and villains always share the same aesthetic. Look at the X-Men, Batman, or even The Avengers. Whether its something as simple as sharing the same black leather suits (X-Men), or the fact that every extra-terrestrial baddie purchases their space armor from the same retailer who specializes in cheap plastic-looking garments (Thanos, The Other, Chitauri, and even Loki)… all these flicks suffer from their limited diversity.

Well, Spider-Man’s always been a franchise that’s indulged int he whacky, the weird, the nonconformity, not to be a geeky hipster or anything. Marc Webb’s latest movie seems to up the ante, though, as a mechanized Rhino and the Wicked Witch of Oscorp terrorize Manhattan.

I’m all for it, as I’d love to see superhero movies venture into the weird and bizarre, as the fantasy genre experienced in the 80’s. Hell, let’s get real weird with it, and bring in 2 Green Goblins, Electro, and the Sinister Six… Oh, wait….

SOURCE: Twitter

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  • joe

    come one… so you decided to reboot a series that hasn’t had time to age yet, and what do you do? you simply copy the previous films.. whats the point? where is the innovation? blahh.

  • wat

    Wow, Green Goblin? This has to be a hoax. No way they’d have Electro, Rhino, The Lizard, AND Green Goblin in one movie.