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Insane Fan Made STAR WARS EPISODE 7 Trailer

With the recent deluge of news and gossip regarding STAR WARS EPISODE 7 flooding the interwebs (like J. J. Abrams selection as Director and Yoda’s standalone movie) I can’t help but feel a bit cheated that we’re forced to wait 2 whole years for this next batch of flicks.

Well, one particularly tech-savvy fan decided to amend this situation by creating his own trailer for the next episode in the saga. He used various snippets of footage from current gen games (mostly utilizing the cut scenes from The Old Republic MMORPG) and edited it into a boner erecting, 2 minute masterpiece.

Check it out for yourself below:

The trailer is certainly awesome, but I think I should voice my one, semi-insignificant gripe… it relies on the over-used trope of the ‘name-less, returning evil’. If these flicks are set 20 years after the Galactic Civil War, which is the main conflict in the original trilogy, then it really hasn’t been that long since the greatest Sith threat in recent history has been defeated. Palpatine and Darth Vader would be fresh in everyone’s minds, and the return of any number of Sith antagonists wouldn’t be as revelatory as it was during the Clone Wars, when Yoda & crew had first learned of Darth Sidious.

I’m such a badass, I can use Lightning and shit

I also wanted to see a badass shot of modern Luke Skywalker chopping heads and tossing his green lightsaber at pants-pooping baddies. I imagine ol’ Luke will serve as the Yoda of these newer flicks (the strongest, wisest, most mysterious Jedi around), and I really hope J.J. Abrams creates some great scenes with him.

George Lucas failed, for his part, when he incorporated the strongest Jedi of his trilogies, Yoda, into the newer prequels. That green skinned tot was always treated with a strange amount of reverence by audience members  and when he was revealed as just another lightsaber toting Jedi in the prequels, he became… mundane.


SOURCE: reddit

S#!T Talking Central

  • Buckels

    Yep…Wełl, More Of The Same, Please.

  • Acácio Bernardo

    Ahhhhgggrrr, I miss a good story with less special effects. See this example: robot and frank

  • kiddish

    That poster would have been epic with red light saber.

    • Fats Mclemlich

      See… I feel like the red lightsabers have lost their weight. In the OT, when Darth Vader lit up, you knew shit was about to get crazy. In the Prequels, well, everything kinda got over-exposed, but the Sith most of all.

      I like the juxtaposition here of Blue ligthsaber (typically Jedi) and the Sith heirloom (vader’s helmet). Feels refreshing

  • Craig Stump

    Um, that just looks like the trailer for Force Unleashed 2

  • Gabriel Wingman

    I don’t want Star Wars to be anything like this trailer. It’s cool but way over the top. It’s been my understanding that this new trilogy will be more in line with the original trilogy, and I personally am hoping for a little more subtlety in the new SW films. Not to say the action in this clip isn’t awesome, but lets face it, it’s pure video game cut-scene material. The only bit that felt and looked like a realistic scene from SW was those cool looking imperial ships/fighters. Now those ships looked kick ass, and they look like a legit upgrade to the star destroyers & TIE- fighters/ interceptors from ROTJ.

  • DoigtDuPeuple

    Ok, some say they don’t like it.. But hell.. The next Star Wars trilogy also needs to be epic in the way that the Empire has been taken out, the next Jedis are being trained, and in the end how about the Emperor actually trained new Sith to come in and take over the galaxy and beyond?.. They learn about the death of the Emperor and Vader, learn about Luke bringing the Jedis back to life and they want revenge and an all out war explodes as they are finally re-united years later and go after Luke..

    It would help to follow-up on Episode 6 and hopefully make Episodes 1 to 3 be forgotten .. especially the worst ever Vader creation story ever shot on film.. “NOOOOOOO!”.. what a wasted of a good character origin…

    And to respond to the “Oh this looks like Force Unleashed 2 criticism, I would cast Samuel Witwer for the new trilogy, our new “Luke” if you will. He could very well play the first of the new Jedi order that was hand-trained by Luke. He could even play his role of Starkiller from the game.. Make it so that Luke discovered him through his father’s ‘ghost’ as the apprentice and brings him over to the Jedi ways instead of the Sith’s. And we could see his character actually grows as the next force to be reckoned with throughout the next series as we saw with Luke in the original.

    Anyway way, kuddos to the guy who made the trailer, good job…

  • Um?

    This trailer isn’t that awesome its just a mashup of the old star wars games like old republic.

  • Fashion Urbia

    well that was stupid that was the trailer for force unleashed 2

  • Alex Millender

    Stupid, I’ve seen most of that footage 100+ times when loading into SW:TOR after update or addition of a new character. Not impressive to me AT ALL

  • Stephen Hoffman

    Why do we have to wait so long, and i hope that if they don’t follow the storyline to the letter, unlike done in other movies like x men and Eragon, that you will join me and my friends in suing them.