INDIANA JONES 5 Talks Sound Kinda Serious, Like… Marriage Serious

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indiana jones banner INDIANA JONES 5 Talks Sound Kinda Serious, Like... Marriage Serious

Come all ye Doctor Jonesians and gather around the carefully prepared virtual camp fire. We’ve got a bit of juicy Indiana Jones news for you, thanks to our generous friend The Daily Superhero. According to his super secret Disney source, Indiana Jones 5 is the subject of a serious discussion among top execs. Although, there’s a tiny little hiccup annoying this cabal, as explained here.

One of the biggest hurdles holding back another Indiana Jones film is the fact Paramount still holds the distribution rights for the franchise. Disney wants those rights back but Paramount is holding onto them tightly, as of right now. This could change or Disney could just work with Paramount, even though they don’t like to work with other studios whom they do not own.

None of this should present a real problem, though, as Paramount originally held the distribution rights to Marvel’s Phase 1 projects, but they brokered a deal with Disney in which the House of Mouse gained the rights. Perhaps Paramount is a bit pissed by that negotiation, as Marvel’s Phase 1 quickly became one of the highest grossing franchises in the world. They were kinda on the back end of a raw deal in that scenario, and holding the distribution rights to Indiana Jones 5 ransom would partially reconcile that loss.

Indiana Jones 4 INDIANA JONES 5 Talks Sound Kinda Serious, Like... Marriage Serious

SOURCE: DailySuperHero

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