Incredible New Avengers Posters Spotted!


UPDATED: Iron Man has also been spotted!

Check out these amazing new Mexican Avengers posters featuring Captain America and Hawkeye. The photos were taken by SuperHeroHype forum Member MedinasWorks, and whilst they do reuse previously seen artwork the simple composition of an energetic pose on that plain white background sure looks good, and is definitely attention grabbing!

We’ve heard there are billboards of the other team members too, keep tuned to the site and we’ll let you know as soon as we find ’em!  But you’ll have to make due with the Sentinel of Liberty and Clint Barton at the moment.  Here they are in all of their glory:


So what’d you guys think? Cap’s starting to look a lot less goofy, in my opinion. Let’s hope that stays true for the movie, because so far he’s looked like a bright, star-spangled doofus…no offense to the good old Steve Rogers, of course.  Just calling them as I see ’em.

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