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Ian McKellen Says GANDALF Would Beat Up MAGNETO

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I’m not sure how this golden nugget of geekery managed to slip by our watchful gaze, but but we’ve got our hands on it now, and that’s the only thing that matters. ¬†While hitting the press rounds for THE HOBBIT : AN UNEXPECTED JOURNEY, our favorite wizard of the Order, Ian McKellen (no offense Christopher Lee, but Saruman is kind of a dick) weighed in on the age old question “Who would win in a fight: Gandalf or Magneto?

You may have thought that the Master of Magnetism would have no problem delivering a death blow to the old Mithrandir, who was only ever able to conjure a bit of white light and thunder in the Lord of the Rings, but McKellen revealed otherwise. Check out the response:

“No, see, because you know Gandalf is more powerful than Magneto,” adding that, Gandalf would triumph in dust-up between his two famous characters.

The star said: “Yes, every time. The old guy will do it every time. He’s seven thousand years old. He knows it all.”



As much as I love Gandalf (and I’m well aware that he’s technically a lesser god in the novel version), the film iteration of the character doesn’t seem like he’s that tough. Or, at least, tough enough to beat up Magneto, who survived the Holocaust. After enduring that, he then spent the next 30 years hunting his NAZI tormentor, killing him by slow rolling a 3rd Reich Doubloon straight through his cranium.

I’m sorry Gandalf, I don’t care how many orcs and filthy, foul beasties you kill, Magneto is a bigger badass.

What do you guys think? Is Ian McKellen right?


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  • Linda

    Gandalf survives the balroc and leads armies.

    Kicks ass for the good guys.
    I’m not sure Magneto will get enough mutants.
    Oh and love Ian’s T-shirt – “I’m Gandalf and Magneto, get used to it!” (or “get over it “)