Hugh Jackman Owes Iconic WOLVERINE Role To Russell Crowe

The two co-stars of the much anticipated French Revolutionary epic, Les Miserables, Russell Crowe and Hugh Jackman are great friends and more linked to our favourite grumpy Canuck than we ever knew.  It turns out that Russell Crowe was originally offered the role of Wolverine by director Bryan Singer, but having just completed Gladiator he fancied something different. In an interview with Australian radio station Triple M 104.9FM, (found by Yahoo) Jackman said,

“Bryan Singer asked Rusty [we assume Crowe] to do Wolverine, and he said, ‘Nah mate I’ve just done ‘Gladiator’, it’s not for me but you should look at this guy…’ “

and the rest is history. Jackman’s portrayal of the role has gone on to be iconic, appearing in the X-Men trilogy, spin-off X-Men Origins: Wolverine and a fantastic cameo in X-Men: First Class. We look forward to seeing him again in The Wolverine, his upcoming adventure in Japan. Until then keep your eyes peeled for the mutton chop master in Les Miserables, due to hit screens on January 11th.

Source: IGN

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  • davywankenobi

    Didn’t Dougray Scott lose this role because Mission Impossible 2 production interfered? History is written by the victors, they say.

    • Davi Lancett

      As far as I’m aware, it’s Stanley Kubrick’s fault for delaying production of Eyes Wide Shut, forcing Tom Cruise to set back his Mission Impossible 2 commitments, which as Dougray Scott had also commited to that, meant he wasn’t done in time for X-Men.

      It’s a really unfortunate chain of events for him, but I’m happy we ended up with Jackman.