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Dominic Monaghan wants a spot in J. J. Abrams’s STAR WARS EPISODE 7. He’s convinced that his time in Middle-Earth as Merry, Knight of The Mark, will serve him well as a Jedi Knight. Or a Sith. Maybe even an intergalactic smuggler.

If you remember, Monaghan starred in Abrams’s LOST in the 2000’s (which was such a long time ago!), so he’s some leverage he can use on the director. He was also phenomenal in the Lord of the Rings trilogy, and proved quite capabable at juggling a character who’s both serious and comedic, which Star Wars has often employed.

When asked frankly about the matte,r Monaghan said:

“Ask J.J. Abrams,” he said. “He’ll know.”

Well, that could mean any number of things…

1) He’s playing with his geeky accolytes, as he’s already been cast, and is eager to share the news, but can’t.

2) He’s toying with J. J. Abrams, leveraging the obvious interest in a Monaghan Jedi for casting.

3) He’s just fun. And witty. And probably flirting with the reporter.

What does it all mean!?!?!?! We may never know if Monaghan got a role in STAR WARS EPISODE 7, well, not any time soon at least, but at least we’ll always remember the dude’s sense of humor.

And those hideous Hobbit feet of his. Monaghan never even used prosthetics on set of Lord of the Rings. Those hairy loaves were au natural.

hobbit star wars episode 7 jediSOURCE: Latin Post

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