Hanging out with SPIDER-MAN and his AMAZING Friends

If you hear a ringing in your ears don’t fight the urge to say: “my Spider-Sense is tingling.” Because today, my fellow webheads the internet was graced with the cast and crew of the forthcoming Amazing Spider-Man 2.

They came at us LIVE via a Google+ Shoppable Hangout. It was hosted by Dave Karger and starred Andrew Garfield, Jamie Foxx, Emma Stone, Dane DeHaan and the intrepid director Marc Webb. Each accomplished talent sat down for a half hour and fielded questions from four streaming guests, including a UTF representative, and even some social media participants.

To see it all check out the video below!

UTF: When approaching your second stint as Spidey, what were the biggest obstacles for reprising that role?

AndrewGarfieldAndrew Garfield: I obviously take the role really seriously. He was my hero growing up. He meant the world – he got me through primary school, he got me through high school. I always, kind of like, escaped into imagining being Spider-Man as I was growing up. So taking on the role, at first was of course the huge responsibility of that. And then coming back into it I really wanted to make sure that me and Marc [Webb], talked about this a lot, we wanted to make sure that we saw Spider-Man – that we saw Peter really embracing his destiny.

Really embracing the fate that’s been thrust upon him. And living Spider-Man, as I don’t know, kind of as fully and deeply as possible. So that was really exciting jumping into this. And also when you look into the comics you see the physicality and joy, and how do you capture that in a movie? That was something that obviously Marc [Webb] was really  focused on as well.

And also keeping the tension in Peter, keeping the struggle, the existential crisis that Peter is always going through and upping that as much as possible because he has to be going through so much goddamn stuff in order to justify the fantastic release he feels as Spider-Man.

That’s a small answer but we can talk at a later date in more detail and I’ll write a book.

UTF: Can you speak to specific influences that informed your version of Max Dillion and his alter ego Electro?

JaimeFoxxJaime Foxx: To be honest with you Max Dillion comes from a friend, I won’t say his name God bless him, but he used to live with his mom.  He was like in his 30s and 40s and he was sort of a momma’s boy. Very quiet, kept to himself, very smart. so when Marc [Webb] and I got together we thought about you know crafting sort of that persona of sort of this nerd guy who just lived in the shadows.

When it came to Electro it was watching all the bad-asses on TV. Watching Clint Eastwood. And you know watching even Alec Baldwin the way he delivers lines. Watching, our favorite, Amadeus. Was it Salieri?

Dave Karger: Salieri.

Watching how Salieri was jealous and coveted Motzart: [alters tone], it’s this little monkey. [Normalizes voice] That performance I thought was great.

Dave Karger: Who came up with the comb-over? Which is quite a comb-over.

Marc Webb: That was all Jaime [Foxx].

Jaime Foxx: I came up the comb-over because I talking to my sister I said I was going to be the first black guy with a comb-over in a movie. The thing is this we were talking about that earlier when we came from another place when we were talking about social media and things like that. About how much we’re seen all the time it’s hard sometimes to disappear into a character so anytime you get the opportunity to disappear in a character is wonderful

The whole experience from KID PRESIDENT to the villain’s corner was simply awesome. But what did my fellow fanboys and fangirls think?

Sound off with your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below!

Amazing Spider-Man 2 arrives in theaters May 2, 2014. Directed by Marc Webb and starring Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, Jamie Foxx, Dane DeHaan, Sally Field, B.J. Novak, Chris Cooper and Paul Giamatti.

Amazing Spider-Man 2 Epic Shot

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