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Guess Who Wants To Be LEX LUTHOR in MAN OF STEEL 2?

Whoever’s destined to bring Lex Luthor to the big screen in MAN OF STEEL 2 will have some mighty shoes to fill. The previous two cinematic “Bald Baddies” were some of the most iconic characters in movie history, with Gene Hackman in the 70’s and Kevin Spacey in the much maligned (but recently redeemed in light of MAN OF STEEL‘s shortcomings) Superman Returns. I’ve assembled a long list of contenders in my mind, with Bradley Cooper and Bryan Cranston at the top, but a recent bit of Tweeting has revealed a new challenger: Smallville‘s Michael Rosenbaum.



Hmmm… I’m not sure how I feel about this. I’ve always thought Rosenbaum was under appreciated in his TV days, and I’m sad that he isn’t featured in more flicks (as he’s great in both dramas and comedies), but I don’t think he’s right for MAN OF STEEL 2. He’s already portrayed Lex Luthor in another iteration of the character, and if he were to be included in the new franchise, that’d just be brand confusion.

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  • Josh

    So, you’re high, right? Seriously, Superman Returns has not at all been redeemed. Man of Steel is 1000 times better. It’s not even close.

    • Steve L.

      Haha, not quite high, but there are a lot of sympathizers who claim that Superman Returns is the superior film.


        That simply comes down to what kind of a viewer you are. Between the two, Superman Returns is much more cerebral that Man of Steel. That isn’t saying that Superman Returns is a smarter movie. Just that most of the story is presented through the dialogue with a smattering of action here and there. While I would say Man of Steel is for the most part an action movie. One is not superior to the other. Since both are directed at two different types of viewers. I happen to like cerebral movies. Star Trek: The Motion Picture is one of my favorite because of the story. But even Trekkies would say it ranks among the bottom of the Star Trek films. On the other hand to me Superman Returns was missing something. I enjoyed the story. But to me it felt more like an extended TV movie. Man of Steel by far played better on the big screen.

  • Jamie McCue

    Here, here! Bryan Cranston would be perfect. If not, Benedict Cumberbatch could do a younger version.

  • James Burman


  • Cole

    Dear God of the Nerds, who gives a crap about brand confusion? Michael Rosenbaum would be fantastic

  • John

    As much as I like Rosenbaum (I think he was the best part of Smallville), you gotta give someone else a chance to carry out Lex Luthor in the film series. It sucks but I think there’s several other actors who are much more suited for the tone of Man of Steel.