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Guess Which Former Villain Wants To Be in AGENTS OF SHIELD?

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 Guess Which Former Villain Wants To Be in AGENTS OF SHIELD?

Sam Rockwell wants to return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Justin Hammer, that clumsy billionaire with super sweet dance movies. We last saw him in Iron Man 2, after Pepper Potts gave him a verbal smack down, and I’ve been craving a reappearance ever since.

This is what Rockwell said when asked about any future appearances:

“Ah! I was hoping to come back in one of the Avengers films and come after Gwyneth Paltrow, because that’s what they set up, that I was going to get revenge on Gwyneth for getting me arrested or something. I could do a Cape Fear thing with Gwyneth. But they’ve got a lot of mojo in there already, so I don’t know if they need another pirate like me in the mix there! [Laughs.] Maybe S.H.I.E.L.D. is the way to go.”

Screw a cameo in THE AVENGERS 2 or a “villain of the week” appearance in Agents of SHIELD… let’s give Sam Rockwell his own spinoff movie. How about “Justin Hammer: Down But Not Out” about a broke tycoon struggling to find his place in this crazy world.

OR… and just hear me out on this one, because it’s brilliant… Sam Rockwell’s Hammer has recently been released from jail, and after suffering such a soul crushing experience, he travels to the Orient to rediscover his inner truth. While there, he encounters a mystic sage who teaches him the secrets of the universe and the hidden art of sorcery. After years studying magic, he reemerges as a stranger man than before… DOCTOR STRANGE, SORCERER SUPREME and MASTER OF MYSTICISM!

It’s brilliant, Jerry! Brilliant!

 Guess Which Former Villain Wants To Be in AGENTS OF SHIELD?


SOURCE: Vulture

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  • Nevertoolatetochange

    If you’ve ever seen 7 psychopaths then you might agree with me that he would make an incredible Deadpool… Just saying.

  • comics4eva

    As much as I wanna believe. Their gonna this into a boring cop show.

  • Nic

    That makes more sense than it even deserves. Awesome!

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