Pretty damn good, James Gunn.

As you’d expect, I was a bit hesitant when this director voiced his interest in GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY, and even more worried once he decided to use a photorealistic approach for Rocket Raccoon, but now that I’ve seen the footage… DAMN. The film looks incredible.

Check it out for yourself below:

If I can gripe about one petty issue (as you know I’m wont to do), why does Marvel have to soften up their cinematic offerings with humor? I hate to say it, but they’re quickly becoming the pablum of the superhero movie world. Although, Guardians of the Galaxy has always been a humor filled book, so its use is understandable in this instance. But if I can eek one more complaint into this article, I’d like to lament the Nova Corps’ adaptation. They certainly don’t resemble the high and mighty flyers from the comic book world. John C. Reilly and crew appear to be 90’s style space cops, instead of the galactic knights that Nova are meant to be (they’re Green Lantern ripoffs, so show them in all of their glory!).

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