Green Lantern Learns Batman Is Real In JUSTICE LEAGUE: WAR Clip


In about a month, Justice League: War will kick off the New 52 of the DC Animated Movies. Adapting the Origin arc from the first six issues of the New 52 Justice League series, the story will have seven of DC’s creates heroes coming together to fight off Darkseid’s invasion of Earth. Aside from substituting Shazam for Captain Marvel, the movie seems to be following the original story closely, and to get us hyped up for it, DC has released the first clip for the movie showing Batman and Green Lantern’s first meeting while chasing a suspicious suspect.

Well, so far so good, but can someone explain to me why Green Lantern has random glowing lines around his costume? I get that the ring produces a glow surrounding his body, but the lines look out of place. It’s a minor quibble I know, but being a fan of GL and the Origin arc, I would have preferred the class GL look for the movie. Incidentally, the lines look similar to the ones on The Flash’s costume after he altered reality at the end of Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox, although those lines don’t seem to be on his suit for this movie.


Other than that, the clip looks good. I do find Jason O’Hara’s Batman voice a little off, but that’s my fault. I’m naturally critical of anybody who’s not Kevin Conroy voicing Batman at first. I’m sure I’ll come around. Seeing how the movie is a month away, I’m looking forward to clips of the other heroes, especially Shazam. Since he replaced Aquaman, I’m curious to see how he’ll get involved with the other heroes during the invasion. Somehow I don’t think summoning a shark to eat some Parademons would work quite as well for the World’s Mightiest Mortal as it would for the King of the Seas.


SOURCE: Cosmic Book News