GREEN GOBLIN Could Be In the Final Brawl in THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2. Won’t Be Ultimate Version.

Quite a few spoilers have leaked from the set of Marc Webb’s THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2. We’ve just reported that Mary Jane’s segments were ripped from the sequel. I feared that Shailene Woodley, who was cast as MJ, was kicked off the bandwagon after fanboys decried that she wasn’t “hot” enough.

First of all, fuck that noise. As a straight male who’d gladly trade in my hetero card for a night with Chris Hemsowrth (and… wouldn’t we all?), I have the expertise to objectively say that Woodley is gorgeous, and light years above Andrew Garfield’s level. And, not to be a giant D-bag, but does anyone else think that Garfield looks like the grandpa from Hey! Arnold?

Thankfully, Woodley hasn’t been recast. At least, not yet. We’ve still no word from Sony if she’ll return to the Spidey series in The Amazing Spider-Man 3, but at least she hasn’t been cast aside.

But… back to the main story. According to the latest scoops from the set, Norman Osborn is destined to transform into the maniacal Green Goblin this go around. Apparently he’ll be featured in the final fight scene, which lends credence to reports of the Death of Gwen Stacy.

Here’s a quote from our source:

“Well, we can confirm that Green Goblin will actually be making his big entrance during the climax of The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Here is a photo of the glass case that contains Norman after his transformation, which he breaks out of.”

Here’s a picture of the glass case.

Am I allowed to say that this transformation scene sounds pretty damn unoriginal? Didn’t we already see Norman Osborn Jekyll-into-Hyde inside a giant transparent vestibule in Sam Raimi’s trilogy? I don’t think The Amazing Spider-Man 2 can quite top Willem Dafoe’s “Over acting for dummies” scene when he trounces his lab assistant, and then does that weird cat leap onto the floor. I can just imagine a sloppy haired, semi-drunk Raimi shouting from the sidelines.

“More hissing! Become the cat! And flex those old man muscles!”

Shit was glorious!

SOURCE: MovieWeb