Should Godzilla’s Theme Song be Used in Next Year’s Film?


There are a few theme songs that have lasted throughout the years, ones people instantly recognize. The Jaws theme for example, and Indiana Jones. (The Batman theme from The Dark Knight trilogy could be a modern example.) Another great example, one that (hopefully most) people should recognize, is the classic Godzilla theme. It has been used in a good majority of the 28 films. It appearing in the new film may seem like a no-brainer to some fans, but I want to truly pose the question, should it really?

The theme song has been varied throughout the films, below is what I think is the most unaltered and ‘true’ version, the one featured at the end credits of Giant Monsters All-Out Attack.

Iconic and classic are the two words that should spring to mind when hearing that. It was originally composed by the masterful Akira Ifukube 59 years ago in the original film. Since then it has remained a staple in the Godzilla movies. It has become something of a signature associated with the Big G, like the Bat-Signal with Batman. Despite that, I must still pose the question…

Should it be in the American film?

Because, let’s think about it. Gareth Edwards is aiming for a very dark and gritty film, similar to that of Gojira. But there’s a difference between Japanese and American ¬†filmmaking. The Godzilla theme would not fit in the film Edwards is doing, but the Japanese can get away with it. Now that’s not to say Edwards couldn’t find a way to incorporate it, but would we want him to? Part of the exciting thing about a new Godzilla movie is a new Godzilla. So while fans like myself want this film to respect the Japanese Godzilla to the fullest, (basically the opposite of the 98 film) we also want it to have its own identity. Part of that identity is a new theme song, perhaps even a variation of the classic theme.

Let us not forget that G has more than one theme in the Japanese films, such as the one featured in Return of Godzilla and another in Godzilla vs. Megaguirus. But, I think the classic theme should be used as a homage, in the end credits. Imagine hearing it as Godzilla walks into the ocean as the credits start to roll, that would be an amazing thing to see.


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  • Coachkeys

    A slow, brooding rendition might be fitting for a darker Godzilla film. Especially if it was done with a cello or a low tuned string instrument. But then again it would most likely be fine without it. I don’t mind. Just give me some new Godzilla!!

  • DReager1

    I’m fine with the classical theme not appearing. It’s cool and all, but I much prefer the Final Wars theme for Godzilla. I doubt that the American film will have a great soundtrack, but I can’t wait for the actual film!