GODZILLA Looks to Start Filming in March but Loses Two Producers

I remember a News Year’s Eve teaser for the 98 GODZILLA┬ámovie (known as GINO by fans) with the words at the end, “1998, the year of Godzilla.” Obviously it was anything but, still it must have have cool witnessing that for the first time. The upcoming film being directed by MONSTERS director Gareth Edwards looks to truly bring the ‘year of Godzilla.’ While updates have been scarce, there’s been enough to let us know this film is not in development hell. Now we have an official start date, March. Sadly the film has lost two producers, Dan Lin and Roy Lee. Lin had not too long ago talked about the film, so it’s a surprise to see him go.

Godzilla was last seen nine years ago in the monster bash Final Wars, and the last one to have a North American theater release was 2000 in the year 2000, so I’d say it’s about good a time as any. While two producers has left, at least we can see Warner Bros. is committed to a March start date. It’ll be truly cool once that begins and the updates start rolling in by the week.

GODZILLA stomps into theaters on May 16th, 2014. (Next year!)

Source: Hitfix

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    It is too bad that those guys left. Well, hopefully we can still get that Godzilla film out soon!