Former BATMAN Actor Says AVENGERS Is Better Than Planned JUSTICE LEAGUE Movie

Poor, poor Armie Hammer. The blond, do-gooder of Hollywood thought he could simply comment on the topic of “Avengers vs Justice League” without any repercussions, but he’s now cast his ballot in the great Fanboy Wars of 2013.

Originally meant to play Bruce Wayne in WB’s defunct Justice League: Mortal (2005), a film which only ever made it to dress rehearsals, Hammer’s been inundated with questions about the failed project over the past few weeks as he hits the press rounds for The Lone Ranger. The topic’s been especially popular since Christian Bale’s officially abandoned the Batman role in a statement made earlier this week.

When talking about the prospect of playing Batman again after the debacle in JLMortal, Armie threw in the towel, and conceded that it’d be too difficult with the bar set so high by Marvel movies:

“I don’t know man, that was before Marvel had crushed it with everything. It doesn’t seem like it would have been executed as well as Marvel’s done theirs. What they did is they created a following for each of the individual characters and then put them together in a movie, so you had all the people who were Thor fans, all the people who were Hulk fans, all the people who were Iron Man fans, all came together to watch this one mega movie. That was a great idea.”

Wow, Armie. I don’t think you’re going to win any friends at WB with that attitude, although, I hear the Ant-Man role is currently vacant. Perhaps he’s eyeing that spot? He’s already worked with Disney in The Lone Ranger, which is destined to raise his box office pull (despite a disappointing initial haul).


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  • Batman

    He’s not wrong. DC/Warner Bro’s needs to get their sh*t together fast. Man of Steel doesn’t justify their future plans either, trust me.

    • Haku

      Even with what problems Man of Steel had, it was a great Superman film in my opinion. However, I just hope DC/WB get too cocky about it and just try to stay within their limits.

      • Batman

        Yeah I know. I personally think Marvel movies are too excessive and frankly, just old. Oh well, I don’t wanna sound like a fanboy here but, yah know.

        • Kevin Jang

          Bats, you’re not a fanboy of anything.

          • Batman

            I’m a fanboy of myself. Because I’m Batman, and Batman has a working knowledge of everything important. *Because I’m Batman*

    • Sonny Crockett

      Man Of Steel was a perfect jumpstart to wht DC can bring to the table. As long as these films are good, I’m in, no matter who makes them. I’m certain Warner Bros. has seen the light (Marvel)…”trust ME…”

      • Batman

        No, Captain America, was “good”. Iron-man 3 was “good”. These new DC movies have to be extraordinary. They’re considering making an>>> Aquaman <<<film while Marvel is sittin back, counting their money just waiting for the release of their 4 upcoming movies. It's like trying to shoot a fly with 5 bullets in the chamber. TRUST ME, when I say Man of Steel(which is one of my favorite movies now) is a yellowlight, but they shouldn't start driving until they know exactly were they want to go. Sorry to sound so critical here haha, but DC is my love 😉

        • Batman

          Ok this software totally ruined my comment up their ^ never mind haha

  • Guest

    Man of Steel was an amazing movie for me and sits in my newly updated top 5 just above The Avengers. It was better only because because DC didn’t take a godly character (Superman) and water down his origins so he would fit in with the other heroes he’d be starring next to (every Marvel Asguardian).

    While Supes isn’t nearly as powerful as most previous incarnations, he still packs more than enough power to be recognized as one of the strongest staples in his respective universe and so his massive nerfing wasn’t a problem. Sadly the Asguardians are more or less highly skilled humans, as even Sif should be stronger than Thor is shown to be in the movies, while Thor himself is strong enough to destroy planets like nothing and yet is shown to be barely better than Iron Man.
    Plus Hulk actually bested him…THE FUCK MARVEL? Playing the favorite card again and letting a lesser character be stronger than someone who in the past has stalemated an angered Hulk and even knocked him out easy? Tired of Hulk, who is a flawed character with his tendency to attack friend and foe alike (which The Avengers seemed to ignore in the end), getting to beat characters he has no business even touching.

    So for those highly annoying reasons, if used right and if it doesn’t go overboard with the whole “dark” theme like the DK movies did a JL movie could be a hell of a lot better than Marvel.

    • Linda

      Hell of a lot better then Marvel? hahahaha!! DC’s new so called shared Universe Man of Steel isn’t even that good. It holds a pathetic 56 on Rotten Tomatoes, way less then crappy Iron Man 3 which holds a 78 with critics. Avengers holds a 92 percent with critics and is considered one of the best if not the best Superhero film of all time, plus the whole 1 billion, 500 million dollar box office. I seriously doubt that DC is going to be able to get a Justice League film out that even compares to the quality of Avengers considering Man of Steel was wrecked by critics and fans alike. Granted it holds a 79 percent with fans on Rotten Tomatoes but even Iron Man 3 holds a 83 and Avengers holds a 96. Metacritic even gives Man of Steel a 55. Not a single Marvel Studios film is that low, not even one. Marvel Studios as in Iron Man 1, 2, 3, Thor, Captain America, Incredible Hulk, Avengers. Not the other Marvel films which weren’t made by Marvel but other movie studios.

      Man of Steel already has crapped on the future of DC’s Universe by just not being very good, doesn’t leave a good taste in one’s mouth. Also anyone that says Man of Steel is a better film then Avengers is nothing but a baised DC Fanboy who would not and could not say otherwise.

      The fans, public, critics and box office say Avengers curb stomps all over Man of Steel.

      Avengers – 92% critics 96% public
      Man of Steel – 56% critics 79% public
      Iron Man 3 – 78% critics 83%public

      Avengers Box Office – 1.5 billion.
      Man of Steel Box Office – lucky if it reaches 700 million.
      Iron Man 3 – 1.2 billion so far

      Avengers opening weekend box office – 207 million.
      Man of Steel – 116 million.
      Iron Man 3 – 175 million.

      Damn, Man of Steel, you got beat by Iron Man.

      • Bob

        dark knight best comic movie of all time, deal with it Linda

        • Mavent

          You’re wrong. Deal with it, Bob.

          • Batman

            Let me guess, you like the happy-go-lucky Avengers huh? With all their cliche story arcs and petty battles. That movie was designed for you to walk in happy and walk out without any moral progression.

          • Daniel Kraus

            It’s a movie… from Hollywood. There is no “moral progression” anywhere in Hollywood, so that is to be expected.

          • Batman

            Your entire comment not only proves that I am correct, but it shows the lackluster effort that’s put into connecting the audience with the story nowadays.

          • Captain Thor

            batman, go relax bud…. stop being a Marvel hater. DC would have to totally reboot Green Lantern, make a Flash movie (which honestly, may suck worse than Green Lantern) and another Superman, another Batman reboot, just to make a Justice League.
            Why bother with a Justice League? Superman can do it all himself.

          • Batman

            Look Cap, or uh, Thor, the only thing the Justice League needs is effort. They are a team of some of the most iconic superhero names! Everyone has heard of Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and Green Lantern ect. With Avengers, you just have “that guy with the hammer”, or, “that guy with the shield”, haha and the best one, “that one nigga who turns green” PEOPLE ACTUALLY SAY THIS STUFF! Justice League movie is risky, your right. But really they already have a running start, regardless of pre-solo movies.

      • Cody

        I’m partial to Marvel myself, but also was highly impressed with Man of Steel and have to agree with him/her. Trying to use really any stats for the movie is honestly not too bright. The marketing for the movie was horrid, with especially bland trailers that don’t do the movie justice. I wasn’t even that hyped but figured I’d watch it anyways, worth it. Plus despite doing so well. Iron Man 3 was a pretty trashy movie, especially going off what Marvel has had going so far for it. Way too unfocused and the enemies were just a bit overpowered and breached the realism the others have had (seeing how Thor really did seem toned down to fit in, now maybe beef him up some? Godblast anyone?).

        Many critics and moviegoers quoted the lack of comedy as being one of the things they didn’t like about MoS, despite Superman and indeed most heroes not being funny, that’s something Marvel cooked up just for its Cinematic Universe. Lack of romance was a ridiculous second gripe. Some others didn’t like the amount of action, though that was one of the shining moments for me seeing a tier 1 hero tear everything around him into shreds. Leading off that was the complaint about the CG, which was the best I’ve seen in any movie to date and didn’t distract at all, instead it allowed Superman to use the full extent of his amazing powers. Along with the superb and heavy story crafted mostly by an amazing Kevin Coster, the action brought it all together. Finally, an overwhelming majority hated the ending (SPOILERS) in which Superman broke Zod’s neck to save a trapped family and to ensure that Zod didn’t go on a rampage across the planet killing everyone. They said it wasn’t in his character, despite him killing several times before. Hell in Superman II with Reeves he threw Zod and his buddies into a chasm after stealing their powers…much more heartless if you ask me. So most of the gripes, especially that last one, are really quite baseless as people now expect every superhero movie to follow Marvel’s blueprint, which although MoS does not, it really only makes the movie better.

        As for the ratings, a representative for RT came forward shocked at how low they were, because like me he didn’t see the logic in the blind hate people are directing at it. Also calling a person a fanboy for liking a single thing from side A instead of side B is pretty damn childish and just about instantly voids your entire argument.

        Man of Steel truly is one of the most underrated movies I’ve ever seen and more than deserves to be in the billion dollar club with a +90% rating.

      • Sonny Crockett

        Relax Linda……what counts is the 82% of people on Rotten Tomatoes who really liked/loved the film. No-one really cares what critics think. And Man Of Steel was a terrific jumpstart to all things terrific. When Warner Bros. makes this genre as entertaining as Marvel does…we all win…..Ok you little Marvel-ite….you can go…..

      • Jermaine Dickerson

        Linda, you’re simply stating numbers without considering their context. Many of the arguments against the film have been in regards to the lack of comedic elements, romance and light heartedness. Seeing that Man of Steel was the first Superman reboot, people expected these elements along with others to be present in the film and for the tone to coincide with the Christopher Reeve Superman films. Man of Steel is a controversial film because it allows people to see the dramatic differences between the times and generations. Marvel films do not have the same seniority as DC’s simply because DC was the first to introduce the superhero genre to the cinematic media. For this reason, Marvel films do not fall victim to the heat of more seasoned fans who’s first experience with Superman on screen was Superman: The Movie. This also couple explain why even Superman Returns (which was a “sequel” to Superman 2) was much more positively received with critics than Man of Steel.

        Additionally, comparing a non-sequel reboot to sequels (Avengers, Iron Man 3) does nothing for your argument. Avengers, had a huge following because of the many films that worked up to it and a similar situation can be applied to Iron Man 3.

        Oh and just for fun: You said “Not a single Marvel Studios film is that low, not even one” Check this out:

        RottenTomatoes Scores:
        X-men Origins: Wolverine- 38%
        Fantastic Four- 26%
        Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer- 37%
        Punisher- 29%
        Punisher:War Zone- 27%
        Ghost Rider- 26%
        Ghost Rider:Spirit of Vengeance- 17%
        Blade: Trinity-26%
        DareDevil- 45%
        Elektra: 10%

      • Robin Hothi

        Why don’t you look up dark knight’s rotten tomatoes score Linda?? It’s the highest out of any comic book movie ever made.

      • Kevin Jang

        Oh don’t bring up Rotten Tomatoes, Superman returns has a higher rating than Man of Steel and that was some sack of shit.

      • Bio-ME

        LOL a movie is better then another movie if it makes more money or higher reviewed by critics?! and no MoS was leagues better then Avengers… MoS had a tone to the movie and an actual sense of Story, Direction, Musical Score, Action and everything else if you think Avengers is better then MoS you must have really, really, really bad standards for movies and the Avengers was just a Action Comedy… I laugh at you.. I laugh.

    • Mavent

      Fanboys are so amusing.

      • chad

        agreed..for you to say that dudes wrong for listing the dark knight as best cbm of all time is ludicrous…all you marvel fanboys keep on hatin…it isn’t stopping the MOS $$ from rollin in….

  • javiperillas

    Well, we have two things here. On the one hand, Armie Hammer is right, but with an aggravating factor: DC is part of the Warner Brothers group, which means they always had all of their films under the same wing; so, they COULD have done what Marvel did but without having any problem with the rights, without having any fighting between studios (such as what’s going on right now about the Maximoffs), and still they didn’t. They only focused on rebooting Superman, then Batman because Superman didn’t work, then they tried with Green Lantern but without putting a lot of effort on it, then Superman again, and coming soon… yep, Batman again. DC had all the legal advantages for doing this, but only Marvel had the vision.

    And yet, on the other hand… one must know who he is and where he is. I mean, of course you can think like that, but if you’re still positioned in the DC side of the battlefield, and if you still haven’t done anything to earn the fans favour, then you should be careful about what you say, or even how you say it, about the rival company. At least, if you still want to be considered a candidate to be Batman or someone else in a DC film.

  • michael granato

    Sure he may have a point but who’s paying him? He should keep his mouth shut and let the public decide what movie is best. Really Christian Bale, we all know why you turn down the role for Batman. Its because you wouldn’t be the main character. I’m glad to, Batman would have enough money and sense to fix his over bite.

  • marv13

    Well DC had Joss Whedon for their aborted Wonder Woman, he even made a pitch for the Batman reboot. He said talking to WB executives was like talking to wall. $1.5 billion later, he’ll be occupied at Marvel for the next 5 years. WB and DC does’nt know when they had a good thing in their hand

  • Sean KB

    He would actually be a great Hank Pym

  • Alex

    Lone Ranger is a Disney movie

  • Sergio Rossell Reyes

    “former batman actor”? more like former would be batman actor.

  • Kevin Jang

    This is the thing about the DC Universe after Man of Steel. I loved Man of Steel. Superman finally got the action that he deserved and got a really good movie since the late 70’s/early 80’s. Here’s the problem though. I was recently reading an interview with Henry Cavill himself about the possibility of a JLA movie and what he said next I think was the perfect response and the same feeling I had after Man of Steel. Basically what he said was, that there is a reason why Marvel’s “Avengers” works so well. They’re all “human”. Okay Thor is a GOD but he is still vulnerable to human weapons like knives. etc. Iron Man is a man in a suit, Captain America is a man in a much less armored suit and a shield. Hulk is… well… hulk. Nvm fuck Hulk. But you see my point. Now the heroes from Justice League are not human. Other than Bruce “badass” Wayne, they are basically Gods among ants. Superman is basically a god, Wonderwoman is female superman, GL can make anything he fricking wants, and flash can vibrate through people. Now taking this new turn that WB and DC have taken, they are trying to mke things as realistic as they can with their movies and I have very few ideas on how they can ground Superman and WW and Flash ,etc. like they did with the Avengers. I still think they can do it. There is no doubt in my mind that they will find a bold, creative enough director to pull this off. But they have to be absolutely certain about every move they make from now on. I don’t care how long it takes to make a Justice League film, just don’t cock it up.

    • josh

      Superman can handle 50 men at once. There is no need for Justice League. Give it up

      • Kevin Jang

        You know… Unless you whip out a rock… Then he’d die.

  • dwpg4

    What’s wrong with Man of Steel.
    1. How was his “S” costume on Earth, for him, when his father did not even know until Krypton’s final moments where he was even sending Clarky? They said they sent various ships to different planets thousands of years prior, so why was that suit in the ship Clark saw in Alaska? How convenient.
    2. How did he shave after getting his suit? He walks into the abandoned ship, a bearded man, walks out, clean shaven, all heroic, starts flying.
    3. Superman single handedly killed more humans fighting with his enemies, going through every building possible (hair still perfect, suit still perfect and shiny) as the collisions themself would destroy civilians on the street/in the buildings. DID THEY HAVE to make a 25 minutes battle of Superman getting thrown through (and destroying) every skyscraper/buiilding/car/anything in his way?
    4. Why was his dead father there through it all? Not even Obi-Won was seen helping Luke visibly.

    • Sergio Rossell Reyes

      1. the “S” is actually kal’s family crest, so chances are that the suit he recovered in the ship in alaska belonged to a kryptonian related to him in some way, remember that kryptonians used these suits under their armors (zod and his cronies had their own, black and with their own particular crest).
      2. they actually did a promotional campaign sponsored by gillette on this matter, with tongue-in-cheek explanations about how superman shaves, it’s a fun topic because it’s not really that important.
      3. come on, every superman fan used to rant about the lack of real action in every superman movie to date, and when they finally give us action galore you are going to keep complaining?
      4. the S-shield key that jor el placed in kal´s escape pod was a USB- like device containing jor- el’s digitized conscience (more like an A.I.) programmed to assist kal when needed, unlike obi wan who was more like a guide, jor- el was, after all, kal´s father, so he wanted to be there for kal every step of the way, that was the theme of the movie, the bond between father and son.

  • bryan david

    What DC should do is just do 5 yr plan. Let Man of Steel grow on the audience for a year. Get the sequel rolling, make it Luthor hacks into one of the Kryptonian ships and activates Brainiac. As you are filming Man of Steel 2. They need to do something totally different than Marvel. DC fans will not wait 5 years for JL. So, before the big summer movie. Say they do Pirates 5 for example…you film a 10 min individual Wonder Woman/GL/Flash short. So it brings people in numerous times to see the shorts. After Man of Steel 2 concludes the audience is now aware of the smaller characters. The JL movie will focus on a new Batman gathering these heroes to fight the Legion of Doom, but you have to go off of the mini series Justice…where the villains all switched spots and attacked the heroes unconventionally and convinced the world the heroes really haven’t done anything to help them.

  • ClaraTheGalvatron

    Include Green Lantern in DC shared universe. Make a Flash movie. Include Wonder Woman in next Superman movie. Make new Batman good. Bring them together in Justice League. Get whopped by Marvel.

  • B S

    least he’s honest. the DC franchise is is turning into the tortoise to marvel’s hare. warner bros. best light a fire under their movie dept. before the diznee juggernaut decides to kick them whilst they’re down. marvel has already released over half a dozen films and DC is still fiddle-fucking around, they best snap to.