flash batman vs supermanThe Scarlet Speedster Flash has just been confirmed as a character (however big or small) in Zack Snyder’s BATMAN VS SUPERMAN. All this comes hot on the heels of the Wonder Woman casting news, which finds Gal Gadot as the Amazonian princess. Should we even bother touting this flick around as Batman vs Superman, or can we call it what it is: Justice League Light.

Since Warner Bros. has been so brazen in their character reveals, it’s safe to assume that both Flash and Wonder Woman will provide more than a brief cameo, which is a massive shame, since I was really excited to see a story focused strictly on the rivalry and eventual bromance between Henry Cavill’s Superman and Ben Affleck’s Batman.

If Director Zack Snyder delves too greedily and too deep into the DC rosters, trying to energize geeky film goers for the eventual Justice League movie, then he could very well have an Iron Man 2 caliber mess on his hands. That flick, which I actually consider the best of Marvel’s Phase 1 (don’t hate me, I just despise origin movies, which every other Phase 1 film happened to be) suffered from the strains that come along with building a cinematic universe. Sure, Kevin Feige and the rest of the execs at Marvel Studios could’ve allowed Iron Man 2 to be a pure sequel, focusing solely on Tony Stark’s personal tale, but in order to create a cohesive world filled with other superheroes, that shellhead sequel was mangled and maimed to establish future story threads.

That’s the trouble Zack Snyder could face in Batman VS Superman. If this film is meant to be a very clear and deliberate stepping stone on the way to a Justice League movie, then the badassery of a true Batman and Superman film could be lost in the mess.

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