First Trailer for THE LONE RANGER, Kimosasbe!

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tonto lone ranger2 First Trailer for THE LONE RANGER, Kimosasbe!It’s time to jump on the crazy face paint train with Johnny Depp as the thespian returns to the big screen in proper, weirdo form.

Ol’ Captain Jack has now adopted the guise of Tonto in Gore Verbinski latest adventure flick THE LONE RANGER, which also stars Armie Hammer as the tall (and dare I say dapper?) title character.

If you remember a few months back, we reported that TLR experienced some pretty serious turmoil, as the studio in charge refused to support the film’s ballooning budget.  Last we knew, the final production costs were settled at $250 million.

Hefty, I know.

But with this first trailer finally revealed, I think we can all satisfyingly say that the money was well spent.  Or can we?

Let me know after you watch the video below.

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