First Clip from Marvel’s Item 47

Take one part stolen alien tech, mix that with equal parts goofy S.H.I.E.L.D. shenanigans, and add a dash of hottie with a body Lizzy Caplan… and what do you get?

Marvel’s latest short film Item 47, that’s what!

A cute little spinoff from this summer’s blockbuster behemoth “The Avengers“, Item will be the third short film by the House of Ideas. Set to accompany Earth’s Mightiest Heroes when they make their Blu-ray debut this September, Marvel’s been unusually mum on the subject. You know… when compared to their normal publicity whoring selves.

Seriously. ¬†Whenever I see a new attention grabbing stunt, I can’t help but imagine ¬†Kevin Feige in a black, rib shattering corset, dancing his little Marvel jig for the money raining sycophants.

Yea… I’ll just let that image marinade for a while.

So… moving to more savory news, we’ve managed to get our rotten little mits on a brief clip from the flick. Featuring two very snazzy S.H.I.E.L.D. agents (sadly neither of them are Coulson), I think we’re in for a fun little romp through the Marvel verse.

Check it out below.

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