EXCLUSIVE: Adrian Paul talks HIGHLANDER and his CAREER

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I was fortunate enough to meet Duncan MacLeod at the most recent COMIKAZE Expo.

That’s right kids, Adrian Paul is on deck!

So if you’re prepared for this journey than read on.

UTF: First off how’d you first get involved with Highlander?

Adrian Paul: I was interviewed in a hotel; I was one of the first people to be over there.

UTF: Very nice, and I have to ask you because we’re currently in a time where Marvel Studios has their films, all that fun stuff and they’re actually connecting it to a TV show. How does it feel to actually be, from my memory, the first to actually make that leap: connecting a live action feature with a TV series?

Highlander The Series 01Adrian Paul: It’s always tough to actually take over another successful film or a TV series. It’s a little bit of a dread doing it at first, but I thought it had legs, and I thought it had a lot of potential because I loved the Highlander when I first saw the original film. So we actually were the very first Canadian, European co-production that did over a 100 episodes.

UTF: That’s awesome.

Adrian Paul: We were really happy to do that, because I felt that we that we’d achieved something.

UTF: And you definitely did. It was a very entertaining show, it still is to this day. I actually force my little brothers to watch it, which thankfully wasn’t much of a struggle after the first couple of episodes. I also wanted to ask one final question. If you could speak to your fans about anything what would you like them to know?  For example future projects and so forth.

Adrian Paul Peace FundAdrian Paul: I’m up to my ears with my own stuff. I’ve got my charity, a peace fund which I have a radio show on; it’s the mouthpiece of the Peace Fund called Peace Fund Radio. I do that once a week. So I’m constantly working on that, but I’ve also got all my feature films. I have three that came out, or are coming out this year. You can find everything on my Facebook site. I’m so swamped at the moment, plus I’ve got two kids, so that makes it even harder.

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I want to take the time to thank Mr. Adrian Paul for chatting with me, it was an instant highlight as this fanboy got to meet one of his childhood idols.

But what did you guys think of the interview? Sound off with your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below!