First Footage From Eli Roth’s Gory Cannibal Horror Flick THE GREEN INFERNO


Horror director Eli Roth (Hostel 1-2, Cabin Fever) recently screened his next film The Green Inferno at TIFF to rave reviews. Audiences/reviewers calling it one of his best films, not to mention one of the goriest flicks ever made. The film is based on an Italian grindhouse sub-genre that features cannibals. Taking influences from movies like Cannibal Holocaust and it’s namesake The Green Inferno. A group of well-meaning college kids have their plane crash in the Amazon jungles. Only to be taken hostage by an isolated group of cannibals. Roth took some footage from the film and showed it on The Tonight Show, a bizarre venue to say the least.

Interest in the film was so large at the TIFF screening that a sequel was announced that very night titled Beyond The Green InfernoAftershock‘s Nicolas Lopez would takeover directing duties from Roth. I have to assume that the sequel will involve a rescue group tasked on searching for the missing students and passengers. It’ll be interesting to see Roth’s transition from actor to director. After taking such a long hiatus from behind the camera to star in films like Death Proof, Inglourious Basterds and Aftershock.

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