DWAYNE JOHNSON Defeats ROBERT DOWNEY JR, Highest Grossing Actor of 2013


Dwayne Johnson is good at two things: 1) Pretending like his real name isn’t “The Rock” and 2) Making money.

According to the latest figures, Johnson’s outshined our fanboy favorite, Robert Downey Jr., as the top grossing actor of 2013. Remember, this doesn’t reflect their respective salaries, as Robert Downey Jr.’s contract with Marvel Studios guarantees that any of his appearances within that superhero universe, clad as Iron Man or not, will grant him a MASSIVE chunk of a film’s final gross. With that in mind, RDJ is still the top earning actor in Hollywood (at least this year), but Dwayne Johnson and his many movies grossed more at the box office than RDJ and his single 2013 film Iron Man 3. For Dwayne Johnson’s part, he starred in 4 films (including tentpoles like G.I. Joe Retaliation and Fast & Furious 6).

Here’s a full breakdown:

1. Dwayne Johnson – $1.3 billion
2. Robert Downey Jr – $1.2 billion
3. Steve Carell – $964 million
4. Vin Diesel – $887 million
5. Sandra Bullock – $862 million
6. Paul Walker – $789 million
7. Billy Crystal – $743 million
8. John Goodman – $743 million
9. Chris Hemsworth – $701 million
10. Jennifer Lawrence – $700 million
Well done, Rock! Sorry, let me fix that, Well done Dwayne Johnson!

Say what you will about his acting, he’s one hell of an action star. Just stay out of the Marvel Universe!!! I don’t think I’d be able to separate a larger than life persona like The Rock from whichever character he’d portray for the House of Ideas.

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