KARL URBAN in Talks for DREDD SEQUEL, Break Out The Slo-Mo

I’ve honestly never been a diehard fan of 2000 AD’s Judge Dredd, and to make matters even worse I’ve often found myself enjoying the 90’s Sylvester Stallone flick from time to time, but 2012’s DREDD was a mold breaker. Shatterer. Destroyer.

It’s such an amazingly well crafted comic book movie. A greater crime fiction than any Batman flick (yes, even Nolan’s). A better action movie than most of Marvel’s cinematic offerings (omitting The Avengers).

Unfortunately, Dredd never triumphed at the box office. Lauded by critics and fans alike, sure, but not a blockbuster. It only garnered $41 million on a $45 million budget, but it’s since gone onto wild success in its home release. Thanks in large part to Reddit and Netflix, both of which encouraged the average dude to give Dredd a chance. And guess what? Karl Urban’s admitted that he’s in talks for a Dredd sequel.  That’s right, Dredd 2.  The Dos.  The Second-coming..

Urban simply said:

”conversations are taking place”


As I was abroad at the time, I never saw Dredd in theatres, but after witnessing the Slo-Mo fueled badassery at home, I want at least 10 more flicks. Karl Urban’s Dredd. Olivia J. Thirlby’s Anderson. And… well, that’s enough for me. Place those two gun toting arbiters in another Mega City tale, and you’ve got me hooked. Some more slow-motion action scenes and gritty motorcycle wouldn’t be a bad addition, either.

Although, if Karl Urban were somehow lured into creating a Netflix series based on the Dredd flick, 6-12 episodes per season, that’d be swell. Dredd, unlike so many other superhero offerings, regaled in the episodic nature of its tale. Fighting Cersei wasn’t as central to the Judge’s development as say Batman’s fight against Bane and the League of Assassins in The Dark Knight Rises. No, it was just another day in the life of a Judge, and since the world didn’t depend on him (unlike so many other superheroes in film), we were treated to one of the most unique romps in recent comic book history.

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